Hurst, Daryl: Party Pizazz
The Promotional Pizazz Program
©1990 Daryl Hurst
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 38 pages
Party Pizazz
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Comments: From the intro: "Daryl Hurst shares the business practices and promotional materials that kept him in demand."


2 Foreword (Hank Moorehouse)
4 Two Decades of Delightful Deception: a short biography of Daryl Hurst
7 The Promotional Pizazz Program
7 Introduction
9 Promote Your Proprietorship
14 Promote Magic
20 Promote Yourself
25 Presenting Business Builders: give-aways
28 The Purpose of Business Builders
31 The Possibilities of Business Builders
33 Children's Shows
34 Adult Shows
35 Family Shows
35 Promotional Shows
36 Sponsor Shows
36 Corporate Shows
37 Magic Workshops and Classes
38 Closing Comments