Hurst, Andy: Project Latnem
©2005 Andy Hurst
2nd Edition published 2008 by FooCan Publications
Paperback, 61 pages
Project Latnem
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Comments: Available as an e-book from A collection of magic and mentalism effects from the offbeat mind of Andy Hurst. Includes full explanation to two of Andy's previously marketed effects as well as many killer tricks with cards, bank notes, etc.


5 Post Natal Prediction: a wrong prediction turns right
8 Dead Knock Out
13 Martha Farquar
17 The SC Switch
21 Firing Blanks
25 Impromptu Version (Using a Regular Deck)
27 The Dead Zone
31 One Down Four to Go
34 Squeezy Peazy Card to Wallet a.k.a. "The Emergency Card"
39 The Magic TV Card
47 The Second to Last Trick of Dr. Uncle Benny
54 Jay Walking
56 Modified Lovell Card Fold
59 Teleported Selection