Hull, R.W. & N.C. Hahne: Smart Magic
©1935 1st Edition, Ralph W. Hull, Ohio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
Smart Magic
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Contents (from book, descriptions added Sep 2017):

1 Foreword (Howard P. Albright)
3 Frontspeice

5 The Slow Motion Vanishing Dime: changes into a half dollar at the fingertips
7 The Impressionistic Card: impression card helps magician determine selection
8 Kaptain Kidd's Kutlass: paper knife inserted in deck finds selection
10 Impromptu-Unflight: magician counts off 1/2 of deck in pocket at number named by spectator and ends at selection
10 Alphonse Forces a Card: singe pane comic strip
11 A Jumbo Card Force
12 The Ring of Thoth: a finger ring penetrates onto a silk
14 Depression Money: using a shell quarter and shell English Penny
15 Alphonse Bakes a Cake: comic
16 Self Changing Money: similar to above, but with a shell half dollar
16 The Boy and Girl Card Illusion: King and Queen cards transpose
17 The Persistent Ace (Nelson C. Hahne): ambitious card
18 The Mystic Numbers: totals added on an ungimmicked slate match a randomly selected number
20 The Four Coin Transposition: from hand to hand, no gimmicks
21 Last Word Turnover Card Trick: two selections appear face up in the deck
22 A Coin A Lemon and a Glass: coin vanishes under a paper covered glass to be replaced by a lemon, which vanishes along with the glass
24 The Self Naming Card: cards surrounding the selection indicate its value
25 The Slide Back Sure Fire Force (Howard Albright): card force
25 A Surprising Coincidence: quick trick using the above
26 The Blue Intruder: spectator names the only blue-backed, reversed card in a red deck
27 The Vanishing Coin: sleeving
28 Peerless Penetration: borrowed handkerchief visibly penetrates a bandana from inside a glass
29 Alphonse And His Sword Cabinet: comic
30 The Fourteen Deck (Hull): special deck forces the number 14
31 Seven Come Eleven: a math puzzle presented, but not the answer!
32 Hitting the High Spots with Hahne: quickies
32 - Card to Pocketbook
32 - Two Hand Pass Alternative
33 - Bending a Corner
33 - Twentieth Century Silks
34 - Card Transposition Effect
34 - Card Divination Effect
35 The Question Mark of Mystery: a slate trick using a double flap slate set
38 Bawden's Bowls: Rice bowls with special feke
40 Patter Suggestions for Bawden's Bowls (R.W Hull)
40 Alphonse Dabbles In Hypnotism
41 The Homing Ball: small ball and cone effect
42 - The Master Move

44 Conclusion