Hull, Ralph W. & Nelson Hahne: Modernism In Pasteboard
©1934 Ralph W. Hull, Crooksville, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
Modernism in
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Comments: Illustrated. The "magical map" pages are tricks presented on one page, highly illustrated by Nelson Hahne.

Contents (page numbers from Trickshop ebook version, do not correspond to original)

4 Foreword (W.W. Durbin)

5 Modernism in Mentalism: magician determines selected card through series of deals
9 Magical Map - Hahne's Perfect Double Lift: illustrated instructions
10 The Animated Chalk of Marks: chalk marks on a slate end up spelling a word selected from a book; uses Dr. Q Slates and a lock flap card box
17 Magical Map - The Red and Black Mix-Up: mixed red and black cards separate
18 Modern Television: card trick using a card frame
22 Magical Map - The Photographic Card: a special photograph card reveals the selection
23 The Twentieth Century Spell or Count Mystery: spelling trick using a partially set up deck
26 Magical Map - The Say Stop Method: stopped at card is the selection
30 Magical Map - The Upside-Down Mystery: reversed cards are righted
31 Mysterio Moderne (John Snyder, Jr.): card written on slip of paper matches selection, using a Air Cushion finish deck and an Ivory Finish deck
33 Magical Map - Under the Nose Location: control to move selection pushed into center of deck
34 Tricklings and Tricklets: some further tips and thoughts on Hahne's Magical Map effects
34 - The Photographic Card
35 - The Perfect Double Lift
35 - The Upside Down Mystery
36 - The New Say Stop Method
36 - The Red and Black Mixup
37 - The Under the Nose Card Location