Hull, Burling: Sealed Mysteries
1911 The Burling Hall Magical Studio,
Published by Master Technic Publishing Co
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 32 pages

Sealed Mysteries
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Comments: From the book: "Explaining' the Latest Card Mysteries and Spirit Tricks made Public for the First Time, with Directions for constructing TricK Cards." I love these old books and am so thrilled they are becoming available for all who are interested. Some interesting info on the early days of the "Svengali" deck! Digitized form available from:


3 Introduction: by Sylvester S. Walters
4 The Goblin Aces: variation of the Four Ace Trick
5 Warrings Card Principle: Method to secure the cards that are returned to the deck, without using the Pass (uses a gimmicked card)
6 Satan's Secret: variation of the above for use with a borrowed deck
6 Novel Card Discovery: use for magician's wax
9 The Monte Cristo Cards: an interesting gimmicked deck
10 Substitute for Pass: using "hinged" cards
10 Houdin's Dream Improved: The deck is openly "stacked" without the audience's knowledge and as the cards are dealt one by one, the performer yells "stop" at the selected card. With variation.
12 The Thayer Card Rising Tray: commercial apparatus briefly described
13 New Changing Spot Cards: a critique of a new spot changing gimmicked card
13 The Photo Sprite: selected card imprints on photo paper inside an envelope
14 The Sealed Letter Test: an expose of sealed letter reading
16 The Burling Hull Improved Letter Test: an improved method using double sided carbon paper, with additional hints provided
19 The Fourteen Inventions in Self Forcing Methods: Intro to a forcing deck that is used in the spectator's hands
20 The Improved Cards Mysterious: An explanation of Burling Hull's version of what is known today as the Svengali deck, with a variation to force two different cards, and four different effects that can be performed with this deck
22 The Hoax of 1909: how unscrupulous dealers were dealt with (even back then!)
22 The Devil's Pass and Improvements: an interesting long/short deck variation with two effects described
25 Electra The Trance Cards: Gimmicked card allows magician to glimpse a variety of selected cards, with four effects provided
27 The Fly Away Card Trick: Four court cards and one Ace are placed under a handkerchief, and the Ace removed. The Ace is waved over the handkerchief, and one of the court cards is found in the performers pocket. The rest of the court cards are found elsewhere, and no cards are under the handkerchief. Includes improvements and suggestions.
29 Advertisement: An ad for "Where" card mystery
30 Announcement: Burling Hall Studio magic lessons
31 Burling Hall Master Mysterist: Photo and brief biography
32 Advertisement: Burling Hall's Bulletin