Hull, Burling: Original Slate Secrets
©1929 Burling Hull, NY
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 39 pages
Original Slate Secrets
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Contents (numbers are not page numbers, updated Apr 2017): 

1 Part One Unprepared Slate Manipulation
2 The One to Four Numbered Slates
3 Medium Stacked Slate
4 The Manipo Slate Method
5 The Maro Slate Method
6 The Turn-Table Slate Trick
7 Medium 'Office Slate
8 Hull Improved 'Office' Slate
9 Twelve Illustrations

10 Part Two Chemical Slate Writing Methods
11 Old School Chemical Methods
12 Library Paste Method
13 Silver Nitrate Pencil Method
14 Sulphuric Acid Method
15 Misdirection Slate Methods
16 Nixon Videtec Slates
17 Spirit Duplication Slates
18 Materialzed Answer

19 Part Three Hull Scientific Slate Innovations
20 Contemporary Formula for Hull Slate Liquid No. 1(A)
21 Contemporary Formula for Hull Slate Liquid No. 2(B)
22 Contemporary Formula for Hull Slate Liquid No. 3(C)
23 Comment By the Inventor on Formulae
24 Substitute for Hull Super-Absorbent Silicate Slates
25 Special Impregnated Chalk for Hull Slate Methods
26 Type of Ordinary Dustless Chalk for Slate Methods
27 Cost of Outfit for Hull Slate Innovation Methods
28 Outfit for Invisible Hand Slate Writing Method
29 Hull Patter & Presentation for "Spirits Gift" Method
30 Additional Pointers for Hull "Spirits Gift" Methods
31 The New "DRY" Method & Handling for Hull Slate Tricks
32 Hull Methods for "Invisible Hand Writes" Slate Trick
33 Club Method
34 Parlor Method
35 Full Stage Method
36 Presentation & Handling
37 Another Way
38 Special Tip for Professionals
39 To Write Name or Question at Top of Slate
40 A Point of Economy
41 Notes
42 One More Additional Tip