Hull, Burling: Nine Great Card Tricks
©1933 Burling Hull Productions
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 8 pages
Nine Great Card
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Comments: this edition was a folded manuscript

Contents: (corrected 9/14/2015)

1 Introductory (Burling Hull)
2 The Two Fold Miracle: Spectator cuts Red deck, magician counts down that number in Blue deck to identical card
2 Intso-Transpo! (Annemann): performer and spectator signed selections transpose
3 The Startling Stop! (Annemann): spectator thinks of a number, and that card is the selection
4 The Double Force: forcing two cards
5 Double Comedy Relief:a gag for magicians
5 Satan Behind You: spectator finds his own selection behind his back
5 Chameleon Backs: opposite colored cards transpose
6 Remote Control (Annemann): Two deck (red and blue) trick
7 False Faces (Annemann): good trick to precede Chameleon Backs