Hull, Burling: Master Sleights with Billiard Balls
©1914 American Magic Corporation
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 29 pages
Master Sleights with
              Billiard Balls
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Comments: "A Series of Original Sleights with Miniature Billiard Balls Including An Explanation of the Author's Ball Stand and Vanishing Apparatus and a Thirty Minute Manipulative Act. Illustrated by Fifty Photographs from the Author's Hands"

Contents (Third Edition):

2 Publisher's Announcement for the Season of 1914-1915
5 Preface
6 To Authors
7 Materialized Ball: freehand production
10 That "Shell Game" Again!: commentary about the explanation in Hull's "Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation"
11 - Burling Hull Twirl: for shell work
12 - Perfection Twirl
12 - One On You
14 - Important Points
15 The Ball That Went Out of Sight
17 Lightning Ball Vanish
19 Chapender's Change
20 The Invisible Trap: handy stage apparatus for ditching objects
21 Interlocked Finger Acquitment
22 Some Billiard Ball Stands
22 - The Three-Cup Stand
22 - Cluster Stand
23 - The Burling Hull Swing Stand
24 Burling Hull Combined Billiard Ball Stand Manipulative Contrast Screen and Vanishing Apparatus
24 - Outline of Act
25 - Arrangement of the Stand
25 - Working of the Stand
26 Billiard Ball Act: published by permission of the Burling Hull Studio, NY; note that this act references moves described in "Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation"
26 - Explanatory
27 - Required: three redd balls and shell, white ball, green or black ball, hollow glass ball, pull, ball holders, handkerchiefs, paper cone
27 - Disposition of Articles
27 - Position
27 - Operation
27 - Important
28 - Alternative
29 - Envanishment
30 To My Friends and Former Patrons: announcement of the end of selling apparatus, and of upcoming books
32 Advertisement: A Special Course in Forty-Two Original Ball Sleights