Hull, Burling: The Handcuff King Act
©1975 Burling Hull
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 51 pages
Handcuff King Act
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Burling Hull: The Handcuff King Act

Comments: Essentially an expansion & update to "The Challenge Handcuff Act" of 1954.


1 Introduction
2 The Handcuff King International Headliner Act
3 The Handcuff King Act f/k/a The Challenge Handcuff Act
3 The Effect
3 Additional Notes on Handcuffs
4 The Best Jail Break
5 Making a Pair of "Jump" Cuffs
6 Some Exhibition Tests Suggested
7 Explanation
7 The Secret - Certain Peculiarities of Handcuff Locks
7 The Great Secret of Handcuff Releases
9 Explanation of Effect & Presentation as Previously Described
10 Some Special Stunts With Cuffs
11 Doctored or Tampered With Irons - Inner Trade Secrets
13 Learning the Act
13 Faked Cuffs and Irons
13 The Real Secret
13 Master Keys
13 Featuring: advertising ideas
14 General Advice
14 About Concealing Keys for Prison or Challenge Test
15 Names of Handcuffs, Leg Shackles, Keys & Picks: 34 items described
19 The Improved Master Key for English Plug Cuff
19 Hide-Away Cabinet Stool
19 Concealment
20 Additional Information About Cuffs
20 Regarding Most Popular Handcuffs: details and photos of lots of cuffs
34 Thumb Cuffing
35 Jail Breaking
36 Thumb Cuffs (Prynce E. Wheeler)
43 Thumb Cuff Release Secret & Detailed Drawing
44 Padlocks
44 Spirit Padlocks
45 Padlock Tension Tool
45 Warded Master Keys\
47 Lock Picking Instructions
47 Wafer Type Locks
47 Offset Locks
47 Double Sided Wafer Locks
48 Pin Tumbler Locks
48 Hurd Pin Tumbler Locks
48 Sensational 20-Foot Chain Escape Feature