Hull, Burling: The Challenge Handcuff Act
©1954 Burling Hull, DeLand, FL
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 15 pages
The Challenge
              Handcuff Act
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Burling Hull: The Challenge Handcuff Act

Comments: An expanded version of this manuscript was published in 1975 as "The Handcuff King Act"


1 The Challenge Handcuff Act
1 The Effect: the performance outline, Exhibition vs. Challenge tests
2 Explanation
2 The Secret - Certain Peculiarities of Handcuff Locks
3 The Great Secret of Handcuff Releases
4 Explanation of "Effect" & "Presentation" as Previously Described
5 Some Special Stunts With Cuffs: Bean Giant Thumb Cuff Release
6 Doctored or Tampered With Irons - Inner Trade Secrets: three methods
7 Learning the Act
7 Faked Cuffs and Irons
7 The Real Secret
7 Master Keys
8 Featuring: making displays & advertising
8 General Advice
9 About Concealing Keys for Prison or Challenge Test
9 Names of Handcuffs, Leg Shackles, Keys and Picks: 41 models described
12 The Improved Master Keky for English Plug Cuff
13 Additional Information About Cuffs
14 Drawings of keys: to page 15