Hugard, Jean: Silken Sorcery
©1937 Max Holden, NY
Paper, stapled, 81 pages
Silken Sorcery
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Contents (Chapters Ony):

5 Introduction
5 Chapter I Methods Of Folding Silks For Production
10 Chapter II Sleights For Manipulating Silks Without Accessories
13 Chapter III Methods For Producing A Single Silk
25 Chapter IV The Production Of A Number Of Silks
31 Chapter V Various Methods Of Vanishing Silks
38 Chapter VI Dyeing The Silks
44 Chapter VII Twentieth Century Silk
48 Chapter VIII Useful Accessories
52 Chapter IX Liaison Tricks
53 Chapter X Tricks With Silks
64 Chapter XI Ties And Flourishes
81 Chapter XII The Stillwell Silk Act
84 Pattern Suggestions
85 Final Suggesstions