Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1937
©1937 Max Holden
Hardcover, 142 pages
Hugard's Annual of
              Magic 1937
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
Jean Hugard: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1937

Comments: Illustrations by Nelson Hahne


7 Foreword
8 Contents

11 Cigars and Cigarettes
11 Cigar Manipulation
14 Swallowing a Cigar and Reproduction from Vest
15 Pouring a Smoke
17 Just a Cigarette Paper
18 The Cigarette Paper Torn and Restored
20 A Cigarette Routine
20 - Cigarette From an Empty Paper
21 - Multiplication of Cigarettes
23 Max Holden's Routine With the Diestel Cigarette Dropper
24 Vanish of Cigarettes From a Glass
26 The Cigarette Rising From a Packet
27 Magnetized Cigarettes

29 Miscellaneous
29 The Bill In the Envelope (Bill O'Conner)
30 Ashes!
31 Ashes Second Method
31 Thimble and Trumpet
33 Impromptu Newspaper Tearing

37 Coins
37 The Flying Coins
40 Vanish of Coin From Trousers Fold (Jess Kelly and L.L. Ireland)

42 Cards
42 Do As I Do - You Can't
43 Magician Vs. Gambler
44 Touch (Paul Curry)
48 Touch (R.M. Jamison)
50 G.W. Hunter's Twelve Card Transposition (Max Holden)
52 The Knockk Out Card Trick (Sam Horowitz)
55 Leon Maguire's Card Force
57 Pack of Cards Changed to a Silk Foulard

60 Silks
60 Silks and Soup Plates
62 The Knot in the Silk (Rex Slocombe)
62 G.W. Hunter's Silk Routine (Max Holden)

65 Billiard Balls
65 Two Billiard Ball Moves (Jean Hugard)
66 Billiard Ball Change Over
67 The Limit Multiplying Billiard Balls
71 Passage of Four Balls From Hand to Hand
74 Production of Four Solid Billiard Balls Without Using a Shell
75 An Egg Production Climax

78 Some Useful Gimmicks
78 The Premier Silk Gimmick (Joseph Maynard)
79 A Card Holder
80 Billiard Ball Shell with Tongue
81 The Lozenge Vanish for a Billiard Ball
81 New Card Index
83 Torn and Restored Paper Strip Gimmick (Fred Rothenberg)

85 The Short and Simple Annals of the Poor - Impromptu Tricksters
85 Impromptu Linking Ring
86 A Cigarette Interlude
87 A Cigar Vanish
88 A Match Divination
89 The Knee Thread
91 Wand Through Hat
92 Somersaulting a Pack of Cards
93 A Rising Card
94 Egg Cups and Pellets
95 Knife and Egg Shell
96 A Surgical Operation
97 Concussion of the Brain
98 Shot in the Eye
99 Cutting the Thumb
100 The Hugard Method Floating Ball
107 Fire Eating
114 Hindu Fire Eating
115 The Whole Art of Smoke Pictures (Max Holden)
117 - An Original Double Picture Effect

121 Ropes, Fans and Silks
123 Cords, Fan and Silks Variation
126 XXth Century Spirit Séance
129 Production of Real Cannon-Balls and Metal Bar-Bell (Owen Clark)
131 Walking Through a String of Beads
134 Hugard's Bullet Catching - The Great Rifle Feat
142 Advertisements: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, Other Publications