Hugard, Jean: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
©1937, Max Holden, New York
Hardbound, 403 pages.
Encyclopdedia of Card Tricks

Comments: Rather than a Table of Contents Listing, this is an Index listing compiled by Colin C. Schwamm (MagiCol). A full TOC for this book is listed separatey as obtained from, where you can also purchase an e-book version. The Dover edition is also inexepensive at under $15 or so.

Index: Abbreviations: t = top of page, m = middle, b = bottom

adhesive Diachylon section starts p116
bend cards 397t,b, 399m, 401b, 425t, 437t
beveling cards 365t
Bicycle Air Cushion finish pack has differing backs 332b
Bicycle Blue Thistle card back patterns 162m
Bicycle League Back card patterns 390t
Bicycle Rider cards, dots on back of covered 321b
blind 102m
bottom card sighting 22t, 74t, 98, 403t
bottom card, sighting methods - sorting Joker 22t
break pack by finger insert 37t, 47m, 103m
break pack by slick card 106ff
break pack by softened corner 345t
break pack by thumb pressure 32b
break pack using salt 44m
calculation tricks with ordinary cards section starts p194
carbon paper 337b, 338m
card Servante 356m
card to top by finger gap 373b
case, card, used in trick 36m
case, card, with flap 375
Charlier Pass used but not described 190b, 191t,m 333m
corner softened to pack corner 345t
cover dots on back of Bicycle Rider cards 321b
crimp card 402m
Crimp cards for cut 18m, 566
cut, false 421t. by fingernails, 368t 343t
cut, false by pencil dots 342m
daub, Gamblers, and substitutes 336m,b
dealing and witholding stripper cards 308b
dealing Second 368b
Diachylon adhesive section starts p116
differences among cards of backs, pips, cutting etc 20b, 21t,
differences Bicycle League cards 162ff, 390t
divide card by soaking 337b
Do as I Do section starts p74
dots on back of Bicycle Rider cards covered 321b
double lift 373b
double-back section starts p131
double-faced cards section starts p145
Elbows pressed to side 38b, moves 386b
end strippers 313t
envelope burnt 335t
envelope, card put into 82b 370t
envelope, paper, and pencil 324m
eye shadow 336m
finger gap card to top by 373b
finger insert to break pack 37t, 47m, 103m
fingernail, nick card with 368t
fingerprint trick using reversed card 170m
Forcing methods 364, 369m, 417ff, 424f
forcing with knife 425m
forehead lift to read card 309t
glide 423m
glued cards at bottom only 329m
Habits of spectators 33m, 34b, 49b, 74b, 86m, 362m, 369m
handkerchief, passing through 374b, 375m
handkerchief with pocket 374m
Impromptu Miscellaneous section starts p19
indices inked 341t
indices seen 439b
indices traced 341t
inked indices 341t
Jog 418b
Joker used in 4 tricks 21m
key card 73t (definition), 915ff
Key Card section starts p91
keyed pack 90t
Knife for forcing 425m
locator card method with coin pressed onto card 333m
lift, double 422b
lipstick 336m
magnetised cards 391ff
Marks on cards - made 95t, 99m, 103m, 135t, 341m
Marks on cards - made by pin, 341b by thumbnail
marks on cards, natural 20b See also under "differences"
Mene-Tekel pack of cards section starts p284
mirror 82t, 404t, 404m
mirror pretend 169b
Miscellaneous Impromptu section starts p19
Miscellaneous section starts p351
needle 391b
nick card with finger nail 368t
Nikola card system section starts p426
one-way back design section starts p154
one-way back design list of Bicycle Card varieties described 185t
overhand shuffle 417b
pack seal or stamp steam off 321t
packet, card comes out of 375m
palm, back 381m 422t
palming 421m definition
pass 312b, 422m definition.
pass Charlier 333m
pass 435m
peel back off card 337b
pencil marked 324m
pencil misdirection 334m
pencil on thumb 334m
pencil push cards with 24m
pencil propelling 327m
pencil used in pocket 326m
pencils two 'red' ones 335m
pilot card 436b
pins 391m
pips as pointers 391t
pip centre one brushed off illusion 378m
pointer pips 391t
practice of skills 312b
Prayer book story 414
Pre-arranged ordinary pack of cards section starts p211
protruding by tapping thru 26m, 302b
protruding card by pulling (job) short card out 60t, 71m, 73+
protruding card, by pressure 367, by adjacent card 365t
protruding card 423t
reader pack definition 307b, 330t
reversable cards 390-391
reversed 'ordinary' cards section starts p187 and see p162m
reversing card, methods 155b 156m, 162m, 303m 315m 376t
ribbon, cards on 340t
riffle 282m 284b
riffle shuffle 284b, 285t, definition 420b
rising card 364ff
roughen cards 104, 319m, 333b
running 418m
salt break pack using 44m
sandpaper used on corners 323t
second dealing 368b
separating all stripped cards 307m
Servante card 356m
shape cards modification types 344t
shift 435m
short card 60t, 71m, 73t, 330b
Short cards section starts p344
short cards, how to make 384m
shuffle overhand 417b
shuffle riffle 284b, 285t, definition 420b
shuffles definitions overhand 417b, riffle 420b
shuffles to retain whole pack in order 420m
sighting bottom card 22t, 74t, 98, 403t
sighting methods top card 99, 100t, 100m, 101b, 104m
sixpence 333m
sleight section starts p417
slick card to break pack 106ff
Slick principles section starts p106
soak card to divide 337b
Soldier's Prayer Book from card pack story 414
Special packs section starts p316
spectator handing 74t 98 403t
spectators habits of 34b, 49b, 74b, 86m, 362m
Spelling Effects section starts p45
slitting card, how to 337b
steam off pack seal or stamp 321t
stick together wet cards to 379t
stick cards together with wax 372t,b
sticking cards to palm tricks 391ff
sticking cards with adhesive Diachylon section starts p116
stripped cards separating all 307m,b
stripper cards dealing and witholding 308b
Stripper pack of cards section starts p290
strippers end 313t
stripping a stripped card out of a pack 398b
Svengali pack of cards section starts p272
tearing a pack methods 392b
telephone used 326b
thinning the card case 299m
thumb pressure to break pack 32b
thumbwriter 334m
tin foil onto card 82t
top card, sighting methods 99, 100t, 100m, 101b, 104m
top shifting card to, by finger gap 373b
turning the pack 291t 292b
wallet ordinary used for trick 25m
wax 301, 302, 359m, 372t m, 383b, 440b, 441t
wet cards stick together 379t