Hugard, Jean: Close-up Magic
1938 Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 64 pages

Close Up Magic
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Comments: ( This booklet doesn't deserve the name 'booklet', because it is packed with many wonderful effects using small objects, from cards and coins, to ropes and silks and everything inbetween. There is also a nice section on vesting and sleeving. Jean Hugard is one of the outstanding teachers and authors in magic. My friend Chuck has been vanishing an orange for the last forty years in much the same manner that this booklet reveals how to vanish a dinner plate. He also remembers reading of Blackstone Sr. performing some of these stunts. Whenever the author is Jean Hugard - read it! Available as e-book from

Note: Also recently republished by Wildside Press if you'd prefer a paper book format.


3 Chapter 1: The Night Club Field and its Requirements

4 Chapter II Introductory Tricks
4 M. Moreau's Opening
5 Another Opening Method
6 Introduction by Table Cards

7 Chapter III Miscellaneous Tricks
7 Production of Wand
8 The Pear Trick
9 Sugar and Coffee Mystification
10 Ring and Wand
12 Flying Ring
13 Cut and Restored with Cotton
14 Cut and Restored with String
15 Pocket Knife and Bottle
16 Tearing Off a Button

17 Chapter IV Handkerchief Tricks
17 Wand Through Handkerchief
18 Handkerchief Through Wand
18 Cut and Restored Handkerchief
19 Another Way
20 Dancing Lady

22 Chapter V Tricks with Bills
22 Impromptu Drinking Cup
22 Tearing a Bill
23 Bill and Card Combination
25 Cigarette and Bill
26 Bill Change Over

29 Chapter VI Tricks with Cards
29 The Tacked Card
30 Torn Card
31 Poker Deal

33 Chapter VII Tricks with Cigarettes
33 Rolling with one Hand
34 Migrating Cigarette
35 The Four Hobos

36 Chapter VIII Sponge Ball Tricks

38 Chapter IX Tricks with Coins
38 Coin Rising From Glass of Beer
40 Coin Through Sleeve
41 Coin and Silver Boxes
43 Coin and Glass of Water
44 Coin and Two Cards
44 Coin in Dinner Roll
44 Novel Vanish
45 Best Coin Fold
46 Coin and Harness Rings
47 Coin Through Hand

48 Chapter X Tricks at the Table
48 Vanishing Glass of Wine
49 Vanishing a Plate
49 Swallowing a Knife
50 Fork Through a Glass
50 Plate and Bread Pellets
51 Vanishing Matches
52 Cigarette Papers
52 Walnut Shells and Pea

53 Chapter XI Vesting and Sleeving
53 1. Vesting
54 2. Sleeving

55 Effective Gags
55 Watch Smashed
55 Flash Paper
55 Match Lighting Fake
56 Biting a Piece Out of a Plate
56 Care of the Hands
57 Conclusion

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