Hugard, Jean: Card Manipulations No. 4
©1935 Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 43 pages

Also published by Louis Tannen, NY
              Manipulcations Series 4
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Jean Hugard: Card Manipulations Series No. 4

Comments: Also compiled into a single volume


83 Part I - Sleights
83 The Gambler's Top Palm
84 The Change Over Palm
85 a. With Small Packet of Cards Only
86 b. With the Pack in Hand
86 New Top Change
87 Replacing Palmed Cards
87 a. Using a Table
88 b. Without a Table
88 c. On Bottom Deck
88 d. Adding a Single Card to Deck
89 e. Large Packet of Palmed Cards
89 f. The Same - Another Method
90 g. Packet from Right Hand to Bottom of Deck
90 h. The Same - Another Method
90 Notes on the Pass
91 Substitutes for the Pass
91 a. Break and Overhand Shuffle
92 b. The Riffle Return
93 c. Reversed Card as Indicator
94 Useful Moves
94 a. To Reverse the Bottom Card
95 b. To Transfer Bottom Card to Top
95 c. A Gambler's Move

96 Part II - Tricks
96 A Novel Reverse Discovery. Nate Leipzig
96 The Rising Pack
97 To Make a Spectator Become a Magician. H. Lloyd
99 Torn and Restored Card with Borrowed Deck
100 The New Spell
101 The Automatic Speller. Mylon Clayton
103 A Reversal of Form
104 Royal Marriages
108 Effective Poker Deal
109 Two Card Control. Audley Walsh
110 Card in Pocket. Dr. Jack Daley
112 Everywhere and Nowhere. Simplified Procedure
115 An Impromptu Stand for Cards
116 Using a Short Card
116 With a Borrowed Deck
117 Without Duplicate Cards
118 Expanding and Diminishing Cards

123 Part III - Flourishes
123 One Hand Shuffles
123 a. A Variation of the Charlier Pass
124 b. Three Cut Shuffle
125 c. Five Cut Shuffle
126 d. The Multiple Cut