Hugard, Jean & Fred Braue: Miracle Methods No. 4 Tricks and Sleights
©1943 Hugard & Braue
Paper, 32 pages
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Miracle Methods No. 4 Tricks and Sleights
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Comments: Part of the Mircle Methods series. Others in the series include No. 1 The Stripper Deck; No. 2 Miracle Shuffles and Tricks; No. 3 Prepared Cards and Accessories


3 Tricks
3 Two Way Traffic
5 Jean Hugard's Cops and Crooks
8 The Card of Destiny
9 Cards from Pocket to Hand
10 A Quick Discovery
10 Chosen Card to Pocket at Any Number
12 Card Through Handkerchief
13 A Reverse and a Discovery
14 The Miracle Divination
15 The Silent Speller
16 True or False?
17 Opened by the Censor
18 My Name's Magic
18 A Safe Bet
20 A Quick Change
20 Mr. and Mrs. Hart
22 A Palace Revolt
23 The Fantastic Fan
24 A Case History
24 Jean Hugard's Thought for Five
25 Fred Braue's Incredo Thought

27 Sleights
27 Lazy Man's Deal
27 The Open Cull
27 Top Change - Double Lift
28 A False Cut
28 Dealing Thirds
29 The Dave Price False Cut
29 Apparent Reversal of the Whole Pack
29 Look-See
30 The Lock-Grip Strip Shuffle
31 Cards to Pocket Palm
32 A New Top Change