Hugard, Jean & Fred Braue: Miracle Methods No. 3 Prepared Cards and Accessories
1942 Hugard & Braue
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages

Miracle Methods
              No. 3 Prepared Cards and Accessories
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Comments ( A collection of feats of conjuring with cards, employing artificed cards and simple accessories. Embracing over 30 brilliant feats of card conjuring made possible by the use of prepared cards and simple accessories together with a complete exposition of Jean Hugard's superbly routined presentation of the famed card classic, The Aerial Cards.
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2 Prepared Cards
2 The Perfect Vanish of a Card
2 The Good Companions
3 Bathing Beauties
4 The Kittyhawk Card
5 No It Isn't
5 Well I'm DD!
7 Double Prediction
8 Triple Turn Up
8 The Perfect Card Location
9 A Fantastic Spell
10 The Delayed Bombshell
11 The Magic Imprint
13 Prevision Proved
14 The Three of Spades
14 Under Foot
16 A Little Quickie
16 Spuds
18 Miniature Card and Coin
19 The Diminishing Cards
19 Crossed Colors
20 Dial Divination
21 The Hoodwinker
21 The Cockeyed Cards

23 Accessories
23 The Aerial Cards - Jean Hugard Method
25 The Porous Plate
25 The Card Target
26 The Pendulum
27 The Magic Needle
28 The Card in the Paper Cone
29 A Salted Card
30 A Four Card Discovery
31 Ringing the Changes