Hugard, Jean & Fred Braue: Miracle Methods No. 1: The Stripper Deck
1941 Hugard & Braue, Brooklyn, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 32 pages

Miracle Methods - The Stripper Deck
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Comments ( This manuscript outlines various moves as well as tricks with the Stripper Deck. Practically all effects can be achieved with pure sleight of hand using an unprepared deck. But the Stripper Deck simplifies the handling and makes miracles possible without difficult moves, leaving you time to focus on the presentation. Available as an e-Book from

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Introduction
3 Preparing the Stripper Deck

4 Mechanics
4 The Stripper Grip
4 The Hugard-Braue Strip Shuffle
5 Reversing the Pack
6 To Reverse a Packet of Cards
6 To Reverse a Single Card
7 A Reversed Card as Key Card
7 The Hugard-Braue Cut Control
8 Sighting the Bottom Card
8 Hugard-Braue False Strip Shuffle
8 To Control Two or More Cards
9 The Stripper Jog Control
10 Hugard-Braue Stripper Force
10 The Stripper Undercut
11 The Stripper Running Cut
11 The Stripper Glide
12 The Hugard-Braue Stripper Change
12 The Stripper Cut

13 Tricks with the Stripper Pack
13 Unfathomable
13 Astro-Vision
14 The Slop Reverse
15 The Busted Bobtail
16 The Mind Mirror
17 Money Talks
18 Phenomenal
19 Card and Number
19 Dig with a Spade
20 A Bewildering Change
21 A Subtle Location
22 A Stripper Spell
23 The Stripper Key
23 The Lightning Calculator
24 Locating the Aces
25 Princess Card Trick; Stripper Version
26 A Canny Coincidence
27 Cut and Come Again
27 The Mystic Cut
28 The Pickpocket
29 Hallucination
31 The Braue Aces