Hudson, Walt & Mark Walker: Chopper Capers
©1978 A Magic Media Manuscript, MD
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 36 pages
Chopper Capers
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Walt Hudson & Mark Walker: Chopper Capers

Comments: Tips, Gags And Routines For Head, Wrist, Leg And Finger Choppers, Bonus Chopper Decorations

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction

4 One Liners and Bits of Business
4 - Arm Chopper
6 - Head Chopper
10 - Finger Chopper
11 - Leg Chopper

12 Routines
12 Disecto (Eugene E. Gloye)
18 Ray-Mond's Guillotine (Walt Hudson)
20 Chinese Chopper (Tom Boyer)
21 Guillotine (Barry & Jan Yiengst)
22 Hand Guillotine (Dell O'Dell)
25 Leg Chopper (Mark Walker)
26 Finger Chopper (Mark Walker)
27 Victim's Revenge (Bill Steinacker)
30 Frankenstein Routine (Dave Ross)

33 Final Potpourri