Howatt, Gordon: The Travelling Ghost
©1942 Ireland Magic Co
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 28 pages
The Travelling Ghost
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Gordon Howatt: The Travelling Ghost

Comments: This book was included in a later edition of Gordon's "Let's Make Magic"

Contents (from Let's Make Magic contents, page numbers are approximate):

1 Silks of Satan
4 An Idea
4 The Traveling Ghost
6 The Transpo Silk
7 Practical One Hand Pass
8 Spectacular Suggestion
9 Ace Production Box
10 A Novel Production
11 The Spirit Box
12 The Gregarious Cards
13 Biliken from Milliken
15 The Inseparable Giants
16 Temple of Menakahtem
22 Shawls of Trian Foo Lum