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Howatt, Gordon: Let's Make Magic (Revised)
©1947 Ireland Magic Co.
©1975 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 76 pages
Let's Make Magic - Revised Edition
Image courtesy eBay seller Sorcar-TWGM
Gordon Howatt: Let's Make Magic (Revised)

Comments: "A new and revised edition which combines the three books, "Traveling Ghost". "Restless Spook and "Let's Make Magic". Formerly issued in mimeograph form, the Howatt illustrations have been put into India ink by Robert Olson."

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Part I: Let's Make Magic
3 The Art Studio Illusionette
4 The Vibratory Deck
6 The Malcolm Blindfold
7 The Scintillating Spectre
9 A No-Hands Bowl Production
9 The Herculean Magician
10 An Impossible Card Routine
11 Dry Wine
12 Victory Liquid Production
13 Mumbo Jumbo
14 Psychic Discovery
15 The Detachable Die
16 Unfinished Business
17 The All Purpose Slate
19 Revived Silk Penetration
20 The Inseparable Cards
20 Plastic Pendant
23 How To Make a Changing Bag

26 Part II The Restless Spook
26 Penetrating Ribbon
27 Unpredictable Die
29 Goofus
30 Ribbon Thru the Body
31 Archimedes' Well
33 Borrowed Deck, Hank, Rubber Band
33 Magic Interlude
35 Perfect Prestidigitation
35 Color Divination
36 Mental Control
38 Peculiar Book of Matches
39 Milk Transposition
41 Color Changing Ribbons
42 An Examinable Egg Bag
43 Restless Spook
45 The Flight of Eggs
46 The Topsy Turvy Cigarette

50 Part III The Traveling Ghost
50 Silks of Satan
53 An Idea
53 The Traveling Ghost
55 The Transpo Silk
56 Practical One Hand Pass
57 Spectacular Suggestion
58 Ace Production Box
59 A Novel Production
60 The Spirit Box
61 The Gregarious Cards
62 Biliken from Milliken
64 The Inseparable Giants
65 Temple of Menakahtem
71 Shawls of Trian Foo Lum