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Howatt, Gordon, M: Let's Make Magic
©1945 L.L. Ireland, Chicago, IL
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 28 pages
Let's Make
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Comments: Written while Mr. Howatt was in the US Navy! This book was later compiled along with Travelling Ghost and Restless Spook into a new edition of Let's Make Magic, also with improved illustrations printed in India ink by Robert Olson. I really wish they would change the titles when they do this!


1 Let's Make Magic: introduction to Gordon M. Howatt
2 The Art Studio Illusionette: silks are removed from a broken through painting
3 The Vibratory Deck: performer cuts to any card called for, blindfolded (how to make the gimmicked deck)
6 The Malcolm Blindfold: a clever blindfold that can be transparent or opaque as desired
7 The Scintillating Spectre: a small ghost rises, dances, and goes back into its box
10 A No-Hands Bowl Production: fishbowl appears on a table
10 The Herculean Magician: bending a nail in your hand
11 An Impossible Card Routine: Three selections are found, two by spelling, one by cutting the Joker
13 Dry Wine: three glasses of confetti poured from empty tube
14 Victory Liquid Production: hat load preserves liquid without a cover
15 Mumbo Jumbo: a ribbon is cut on a jumbo card and then restored
16 Psychic Discovery: magician determines which of 5 cards on a tray was selected
17 The Detachable Die: Wooden die is clearly "locked" into a holder with a ribbon, yet is instantly removed
18 Unfinished Business: an incomplete idea for a roulette wheel prediction effect
19 The All Purpose Slate: making a pocketed slate for mentalism
21 Revived Silk Penetration: Quickie in which a wand seems to penetrate a handkerchief
22 The Inseparable Cards: Three Queens separated by three indifferent cards join back together
23 Plastic Pendant: Two cords are threaded through a Lucite board, and the board is released
26 How To Make a Changing Bag: a simple but useful utility