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Houdini: Magical Rope Ties & Escapes
©1921 Will Goldston, Ltd, London
Paper, 78 pages
Magical Rope Ties & Escapes
Image courtesy e-Bay seller jondb500

Comments: Illustrated with line drawings and photographs of Houdini. Includes Kellar dedication sticker.


5 Foreword
8 For Opening of Rope Act
11 A Simple Release
12 The Kellar Tie
14 The Knotted Rope Tie
16 Another Knotted Rope
18 The Twin-Rope Tie
21 The Jacobs Tie
25 Three Effects With the Handcuff Tie
29 An Added Effect for Handcuff Tie
30 The Tom Fool Knot
34 The Double-Header
35 The Volunteer Release
39 The Revenge Tie
41 A Good Chain Tie
42 An Interlude
46 The Comedy Tie
47 The Thumb Tie
50 Another Method
53 The Handkerchief Release
54 The Clothes Line Tie
56 Simplex Tie
56 Under-Water Escape
58 Spectacular Escapes
59 The Big Wheel Release
60 The North American Indian Tie
62 The Russian Transport Tie
64 Slade's Knots
66 The Cotton-Bandage Test
68 Houdini's Full View of Audience Release
69 The Turned Vest
71 Sack Escapes
72 An Easy Sack Escape
73 The Broomstick Escape
73 Lock and Chain Sack Escape
75 The Spirit Sack
77 Double Sack Challenge Escape