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Horwitz, Basil: The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Vol. 1
©1981 Martin Breese Ltd, England
Softcover, Perfect bound, 63 pages

©2003 Revised Edition
The Mental Magick of
              Basil Horwitz
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Floshubby
Basil Horwitz: The Mental Magic of Basil Horwitz Vol 1

Comments: First volume in a 5 volume series of mentalism by Basil Horwitz.


1 Publisher's Preface
5 Introducing Basil Horwitz
9 Challenge Book Test
14 Challenge Publicity ESP
23 Challenge Premonition
32 Challenge Mental Hypnotic Suggestion
38 Challenge Design
42 Challenge Psychometry
49 Challenge Thought
63 Geometrical Designs