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Hopkins, Nevil Monroe: Twentieth Century Magic
©1898 George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 5x8", 160 pages

Also David McKay Edition, Philadelphia, PA
Twentieth Century Magic
David McKay Edition
Image courtesy eBay seller DonBursell
Nevil Monroe Hopkins: Twentiety Century Magic

Comments: "And the Construction of Modern Magical Apparatus, With the Introduction of New Experiments; Mechanical, Chemical Electrical.
A Treatise on the Construction and Introduction of Scientific Magical Apparatus."


1 Chapter I The Magician's State and Tables
1 The Design and Equipment of a Magical Stage
11 The Chute Table
17 The Cable Table
23 Electric and Combination Table

29 Chapter II Mechanical Magic
29 The Flight of the Timepieces
37 The Mesmerized Dial
47 The Magical Balance
56 The Salem Seamstress
63 Magical Cords

71 Chapter III Chemical Magic
71 The Enchanted Sun Glass
79 The Mysterious Goblet
87 The Miniature Inferno
98 The Strange Disappearance

106 Chapter IV Electrical Magic
106 The Obedient Padlock
114 The Demon Candlesticks
122 The Spiritualistic Cash Box
130 The Magic Clock
135 Spirit Chiorgraphy

144 Chapter V Equipment and Working Notes
144 Miniature Electric Footlights
150 The Induction Coil and Plate Machine
153 Soldered Joints
158 Screw-Cutting