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Hooper, Edwin, with Tony Griffith, Ian Adair, Ken De Courcy: Routined Acts
©1972 Supreme Magic, London
Paper, stapled, 24 pages
Routined Acts



3 Introduction
4 Concert Acts (General)
4 Oriental
5 Flower Act
5 Mental Act
5 Saucy Club Act
6 "Soda Fountain" (Soft Drinks) Act
6 Bar Act
6 Silk Act
7 Some Suggested Specialities
7 Paper Tearing Acts
7 Ventriloquism
7 Lightning Cartoons
7 Spiritualistic
8 Be a Clown
9 Six After Dinner Acts (Ken De Courcy)
12 Preparing a Dove Act (Ian Adair)
14 Routined Close-Up Magic (Tony Griffith)
18 Fun and Magic for Children