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Hooper, Edwin: Edwins Magic Volume Two
©1989 K. Edwin Hooper, England
Hardcover, 310 pages
Edwins Magic
              Volume Two
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Comments: This is volume Two of Edwin Hooper's (of Supreme Magic in London) memoirs. It includes lots of great stories and anecdotes, as well as a lot of magic from the Supreme Magic days. Most of the effects are for the platform or small stage, but there is some close up magic as well. Lots of stuff for Kid's shows, and for adults as well. All is well explained, with patter and diagrams. Book is also full of historical B&W photos.


3 Dedication
3 Thanks
9 Introduction

11 Chapter One The Prologue: Edwin's beginnings, stage magician or dealer?

13 Chapter Two Going West: Edwin's travels to USA; stories of dealers, magicians, shows and happenings

27 Chapter Three Money for Old Rope
27 Top Knot: Instant knot appearing on rope
29 King King Rope Rings: Linking ropes

33 Chapter Four The Continuing Story: Printing, Peter Warlock, exposure, and more stories

39 Chapter Five Magician's Choice
39 Growing Silk: handkerchief to silk
43 Swirl-it Ribbons: ribbons join when swirled
45 Silk to Egg Surprise: with sucker explanation
49 Colour in Mind: Jumbo color card prediction

53 Chapter Six Union Problems: more printing issues, mail, shows, and more stories

65 Chapter Seven A Conjuring Cocktail
65 Big Bag - Small Silk: Large Silk and Small Bag change to Large Bag and Small Silk
68 Razzle Dazzle Ribbons: bag to ribbons
70 Foto-Thought: slate move for Jumbo Cards
73 My Uncle: another approach to an appearing message
76 Everybody Wins!: Only magician gets the money

79 Chapter Eight Painting and Papering the Town: Billy McComb, Christmas Show, and more

79 Chapter Nine Kid's Stuff
97 Tommy's Tie: appearing bow-tie on picture
102 Heidi: full platform presentation

107 Chapter Ten Television Encore: Awards, flying, disasters, and more

119 Chapter Eleven All-Sorts
119 Little Marvel: thought of card remains in envelope
121 'Bunny-Tale': a costume trick
124 The Joker's on You: Jumbo card trick
128 Vis-appear: production box

131 Chapter Twelve The Easter Parade: a regional dinner, american convention, and more.

145 Chapter Thirteen Titillating Tricks
145 Colour Transfer: silks and paper tubes change colors
147 Perception Deception: ESP Card trick
150 Through the Eye of a Needle: presentation for rope through girl
152 Three Silks on a Rope: using similar principle
155 Phantom Faces: living and dead test

157 Chapter Fourteen Copped!: stories of the police, Ken Brooke, and more

171 Chapter Fifteen Mental and Other Mysteries
171 Graph-ezee: luggage tag divination
174 Foresight: four card prediction
177 Odd Ball: 3 white golf balls placed in bag, 1 green ball added. Magician removes red ball, and green balls are left!
179 Confus'n Wand: color changing wand

181 Chapter Sixteen Super Days: 1983 Super Days, Haunted Hankey, Tommy Cooper, Wililam Stickland, and more

195 Chapter Seventeen Five-Star Magic
195 Cut-up Coin: interesting application for coin fold
198 A Passing Thought: selection passes from one card packet to another
201 Pieces of Eight: presentation of rope through body with sword and pirate theme
206 Pull-out Production: box
208 Big Feature Drawer Box: another production box

211 Chapter Eighteen Riding High: Family, Paul Daniels, Russ Abbot, and more.

217 Chapter Nineteen Miracles and Myths
217 Miracle Disc: several ideas and effect with pastic washers
220 Three Little Pigs: Jumbo Card presentation
225 'Net-Gain': Zippered net-bag effect
230 Mickey Mouse Mystery: Mickey appears on a silk

235 Chapter Twenty The End of an Era: Getting old, goodbye

239 Chapter Twenty-One The Aftermath: Letter from Ian Adair, and a poem

241 Chapter Twenty-Two Three Features
241 A.B.C. STUNG: B card changes to a Bee
245 Big Top: plaform circus tent bird production
251 Surprise Box: large production box

259 Chapter Twenty-Three Painting by Magic
260 The Original Toy Town Painting: Coloring book routine with Tarbell Cone and more
262 Magic Painting Book: Ideas for the coloring book
265 Perplexing Paints: paint box for painting routines
266 Color - Splodge Cloth: accessory for painting routines, becomes "dirty" when wiped
267 Magic Painting Palette: colors vanish from palette and reappear elsewhere
270 Magic Crayons: colored crayons become white
273 Silk to Rainbow: bland handkerchief turns colors (multiple approaches)
277 Colour - Flite Flowers: black and white flowers gain color
283 Instant Art: Do It Yourself Instant Art Kit
286 The Rainbow House: a whole platform sized house gets painted!

291 Chapter Twenty-Four New Tricks
291 All Clear Force Stand: for cards
292 Ball to Square Finale: add a paper coil to the end
293 Kolor-a-Kube: another magic painting effect
296 Card Case Silk: cards in case change to a silk with a photo of the selection
299 Educated Egg: egg rises and lowers in a tube, and then a snake pops out
301 Sure Shot in Six: Jumbo Card prediction
303 Rabbit Pie: rabbit production
307 Jungle Jamboree: platform effect with a Jungle theme