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Hooper, Edwin: A Host of Surprises
©1990 Edwin Hooper Arts, England
Hardbound, 8"x10", 313 pages
A Host of
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Comments: More tricks you can build yourself, with lots of illustrations. Edwin Hooper was the founder of The Supreme Magic Company. 84 tricks fully detailed with lots of variations and ideas.


3 Dedication
3 Thanks
5 About the Author
7 About the Illustrators

13 Introduction: "Second Wind"

15 Chapter One Tricky Rope Tricks
15 Randy Handy Ropes: long and short ropes and more!
22 Do As I Do Linking Ropes: linking ropes routine
27 Red Ropes — White Magic: one rope of three changes to white, is vanished, and appears between red ropes
31 Climax Cut and Restored: rope

37 Chapter Two King of the Kids
37 Hints and tips of the entertainment of children

47 Chapter Three Kiddie-Rama Part One
47 Hoppy: frog card and envelope routine
51 Blendo Pictures: four pictures blend into selected picture (no force)
55 Magic Papers: four papers blend into larger
57 Miss Muffet and the Spider: platform trick with surprise spider
63 The Rajah's Jewel: vanishing and re-appearing jewel in turban
68 The Magic Scarecrow: with a balloon head
73 Fizzy Biz: Sucker trick with jumbo cards with drink pictures on them
77 Wiggly Wand: Ideas for a bending wand that was sold by Supreme
79 Flash Flowers: Platform trick
81 Little Indian: an Indian costume prop that can be worn along with a Crazy Compass arrow
85 Red White and Blue Mix-Up: rope routine

91 Chapter Four Kiddie-Rama Part Two
91 Farmyard Frolics: A children's act with jumbo animal cards
98 Topsy-Turvey' The Magic Clown: Platform illusion of magician to clown
103 Tulips from Amsterdam: Dutch boy and girl pictures change colors, and tulips are produced at the end
107 Funny Fotos: a full presentation for the children's show

117 Chapter Five Cards With a Touch of Mentalism
117 Four-Thought: with a rough & smooth
120 Repeat Coincidence: simple no sleight routine
123 A Case of Colour: another with rough & smooth
125 Perfected Missing Card: card in red deck matches missing card in blue deck
129 Cut-up Cards: four card pieces are selected from many, and all match a single selection

131 Chapter Six Silky Things
131 Supersonic Silk on Sash: Silk appears instantly on a ribbon
135 Off-beat Blendo: a silk blendo apparently goes wrong
138 Four Square Blendo: another silk blend
141 Spectrum Silks: silk production from a glass

145 Chapter Seven Jumbos and Giants
145 Fortuitous Cards: four cards blend into Jumbo duplicate of selection
148 The Big Parade of the Kings: Selected King is only one reversed and different back color
152 The Kings Converge: Jumbo card prediction
155 Brain Buster: Poor man's Brainwave deck
157 Jumbo-Maze: Stage version of a Nick Trost effect
159 Jumbo Follow the Colours: Black and Reds stay in sympathy with each other

163 Chapter Eight Micro Mysteries
163 "Catch''Coin Vanish: a juggling feat turned to magic
167 My routine with the Finger Chopper: Mickey Hades chopper
171 Notable Number: Magician gets the money
174 Convention Capers: a saucy packet card trick
177 Economy Chop Cup: from a disposable cup
180 Ugly Bug Ball: Bug cards find their pairs
183 My Improved (?) Routine: variation
185 Print-a-Wild Card: Edwin's variation of Peter Kanes's routine
188 Precariously Perched Pasteboards: balancing cards

191 Chapter Nine A Card In the Glass
191 My E-zee Method: With a mirror Card
192 Simplicity Card in Glass: sort of a palm move...
193 Goblin Glass: advanced version of above
195 Materialise: another vesion
198 Nu-Notion Card in Glass: yet another

201 Chapter Ten A Magic Miscellany
201 Budgerigone: vanishing parakeet
203 Miracle Impalement: Card selection stabbed on string
207 Rabbit, Rabbit, Where's the Rabbit: packet effect with Jumbo Cards
211 The Absorbed Card Discovery: with an apparant glass of liquid
213 Cigarettes to Matches: fast change
215 Confetti Flash: card is ripped and mixed with confetti, when shaken card is restored
217 20th Century Cards on the Ribbon: Selections found on ribbon
222 Repeat Ball to Pocket: with multiplying ball

225 Chapter Eleven The Lucky Bran Tub
225 Jock — "Cock o' the North": humorous stage effect
227 Frisky-Whisky: Whisky to water and then a production
229 Clown Antics: card trick with a cone puppet
231 Fruity Trick: Apple and Orange transpo
233 "See-through": Clear plastic card holder makes for clever prediction
237 "Figure it out": Clever card folder can be used for variety of effects
340 Silk-Ball-Egg: silk appears in glass, then changes to ball, then a real egg appears
243 Bow-tie Trickery : a series of effects presented
244 Bow-wow: variation of flower in button hole
246 Glove — Wonderful Glove: Ideas for glove magic
249 Rabbit Return: a paper cut routine & ideas

253 Chapter Twelve Topping Tricks With Toys
254 The Screaming Skull: Ideas for a talking skull
255 The Little Magic Rabbit: idea for a color changing brooch
257 Auto-Magic-Trick: color changing toy car (needs special toy)
260 The Lighter Car: Car to lighter
261 Three Pig Surprises: idea for "pig" balls
263 Chick-Pea: Uses a clucking chick toy
265 Guzzling Granny: Finds the selected card
268 Tri-Colour Flash: Silk influences flashlight color

271 Chapter Thirteen Clearly Clairvoyant
271 Miracle Prediction: card prediction
273 Ultimate One Ahead: with three predictions and tumblers
278 My Time is Yours: Clock routine with a toy clock and special bag

281 Chapter Fourteen Last In the Book
281 Hop and Skip and Jump: Jumbo card routine with elves
287 Russian Rhapsody: Bank note in nesting dolls
291 Improved Coin-Sation: clever handkerchief for a coin routine
293 Card in the Wallet Surprise: Three cards found using a special wallet, and jumbo cards
298 E-Zee Card to Wallet: using the above wallet
299 Devastating: Another use for the Wallet
301 Moaning Morry: Platform Jumbo Cards with a story

311 Curtain Call: final words