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Hoole, Norman & J.J. Shepherd: Original Magical Novelties
©1921 (circa) George Johnson
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 24 pages
Original Magical Novelties
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Norman Hoole & J.J. Shepherd: Original Magical Novelties

Comments: No illustrations. "A Selection of Novel Magical Problems From the Repertoires of Norman Hoole and J.J. Shepherd."

Contents (from book):

1 Rainbow Ribbons: red, white and blue threads to ribbons and then to a Union Jack flag
2 A Useful Suggestion: performance tip for vanishing wand
3 The Flight: a photograph and a playing card transpose
5 A Novel Production: idea for producing a candle
6 Mirrors of Mystery - An Ideal Drawing Room Mystery: a torn card appears between two mirrors, except for a single corner
7 Song Suggestion: for Ventriloquists
8 Merely Illusive - An Experiment With the Point of View: patter using several standard tricks
10 A Visible Transit: comedy bit for the cards from hand to pocket
11 Cameos in Cambric: selected ball of wool forms itself in the character of a selected person
13 A Financial Catastrophe: burnt and restored bill
15 The Fourth Assistant - The Triangle of Sympathy: three cards selected, one indicating the position of a 2nd card that matches the third
17 The Pass Superseded: using a stacked deck
18 Silk and Sorcery: a silk obtains the number of pips equivalent to a selected card
19 A Little Surprise: idea for comedy production of a card
20 Paper Gate Castle: From Magic Wand Quarterly. A Prince silk (yellow) joins the Princess silk (white)
22 The W.H. Wine and Water Problem: a chemical trick
23 To the Reader: letter from Hoole & Shepherd
24 Advertisement: Robert Ramsbottom apparatus