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Holmes, Donald: Some Modern Conjuring
©1909 D.H Alsdorf
Softcover, 77 pages
Some Modern
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Donald Holmes: Some Modern Conjuring



5 Watch, Handkerchief, and Bran
9 Egg and Handkerchief
11 Flying Glass, Watch, and Flag
14 Lamp-Chimney Color Change
16 Twentieth Century Trick
18 Quadruple Flag and Handkerchief Trick
19 Phantom Handkerchiefs
23 The Wedding Ring Trick
30 Invisible Flight of Handkerchiefs
32 Another "Invisible Flight"
34 The Latest Handkerchief "Flight"
38 Handkerchief and Paper Tube, First Method
39 - Second Method
40 Primary and Compound
41 A "Changing Tube" Suggestion
41 Handkerchiefs and Flag
42 Loading the Paper Cone
48 Numbered Cards
49 The Invisible Charlier Pass
50 The Transformed Handkerchiefs
55 Flag, Bran, and Orange Trick
60 Die, Canary, and Mystic Cage
63 A Novel Die Combination
66 The Holmes Invisible Servante
72 Color Changing Handkerchiefs
75 An Inexhaustible Black Art Table