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Hollingworth, Guy: A Collection of Drawing Room Deceptions
and Other Card Conjuring
1999, Published by Magic Words
Illustrated by the author
Hardbound, 311 Pages
 Drawing Room Deceptions
Image courtesy e-Bay seller LeoCuellar

Comments: (Hunter Higgins) Great book containing the eccentric card magic of Guy Hollingworth. Guy's magic is original and refreshing. Most of the effects require a considerable amount of practice. Highly recommended.


7 Publisher's Note
11 Prologue: with regard to the difficulties facing the author and the validity of prologues

18 One: concerning cards that turn over, move position, separate in colour and generally perform amusing feats; including:
21 Waving the Aces
31 A second version thereof
39 Oil and Water
43 Cherchez la Femme
44 The Hofzinser Problem
45 Other Thoughts

47 Two: pertaining to the difficulty of magic and the merits of bespoke tailoring; including:
48 The penetration of Cards Through a Jacket
62 Travelers
65 An Ambidextrous Interchange
78 A "One Card" Routine
83 Other Thoughts

87 Three: regarding items of stationery and the significance of good fortune; including:
89 The control of chosen cards
96 An Ace Assembly
106 The Homing Card
114 Cannibal Cards
118 Other thoughts

121 Interval: including a variety of eccentricities; such as:
122 The shift
133 Methods for controlling and palming
150 Switching cards
159 False dealing
169 False shuffling

179 Four: incorporating a number of dishonest practices; including:
181 A Gambling Routine
192 A More Light-Hearted Routine
202 "Call to the Colours"

217 Five: in which an inspector calls, and we discuss his deceit; including:
219 A Destroyed and Reproduced Card
230 A Card at any Number
237 A Card Stab

243 Six:  containing an assortment of items, involving boxes, unusual shuffling and the fall of Troy; including:
243 Three Cards under a Box
251 A Triumph Routine
264 The Cassandra Quandary

275 Epilogue: during which a method for tearing and restoring a card is discussed.