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Hollingsworth, Scott: The Strolling Magician
©1988 Scott Hollingsworth
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 44 pages
The Strolling Magician
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Scott Hollingsworth: The Strolling Magician


Contents (from book ToC; numbers are not page numbers)

I. Being Prepared
A. Professional Worth
B. Lobby Board
C. Close-Up Case
D. Close-Up Stool
II. In the Beginning
III. Sleight of Foot
IV. Finger Ring Routine
V. Bermuda Triangle
VI. Faster than the Eye
VII. Simple Ring Flight
VIII. Pure Profit
IX. First Aces
X. Brass Ring and String
XI. Party Time

Tools of the Trade
I. Care and Feeding of Your Thumb Tip
II. Cross-Over Top Palm
III. Double-Up-Double
IV. Easy Top Change

Pursuing the Dream
Just Say WOW!