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Ho, Kevin: Smooth Operations
©2011 Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
Softcover, sadddle-stitched, 58 pages
Smooth Operations
Image courtesy Dan And Dave
Kevin Ho: Smooth Operations

Comments: Available as an e-Book from Dan and Dave Industries, Inc. Photo illustrated.


4 Foreword
5 Introduction

6 Punk'd: version of Re-Set is simple, instant, and leaves you completely clean
10 Static 4: A quick and easy four Ace production
12 Inverse Impulse: one-handed color change
14 Long Division: A card is produced of equal value of two chosen cards, is stretched, and then split into the selections
18 Pegasus: production of any four-of-a-kind
22 Florida Count: a rhythm count with application
26 Chaser: sleight of hand demonstration
30 Raccoon: card spinning flourish
34 Collectors Redux: In the process of finding 3 selections, the four Queens are found
38 Visa Switch: card switch with two applications
42 Fully Loaded: Ace production
44 Conspiracy of Four: Four of a kind turns into four Aces
50 Bob Change: instant card change
54 RePainted: Blank fan of cards instantly gains faces

57 Afterword
58 References