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Hofzinser, Johann Nepomuk: Hofzinser's Card Conjuring
©1931 1st Edition George Johnson, London.
Translation of 'Kartenkünste' by Ottokar Fischer; several reprints
Hardcover, 188 pages (also reprinted in softcover)
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Card Conjuring
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              Card Conjuring
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Comments: ( Anybody who wants to call himself a serious card man must study Hofzinser's material.


iii Foreword iii
8 Editor's Preface
11 Preface
14 Biography of J. N. Hofzinser
19 Guide to Performance

23 Experiments with Unprepared Cards
23 The Sympathetic Numbers
25 Synonymous Thoughts (First Method)
29 Association of Thoughts
33 The Four Eights

39 Experiments with Duplicate Unprepared Cards
39 Everywhere and Nowhere (First Method)
45 The Four Aces
The Metamorphosis of the Flying Card

55 Experiments with Double-Sided Cards
55 Sensation
59 Pre-Determination of Thought
65 Thought
69 The Power of Faith
75 The Four Kings

81 Experiments with Pre-arranged Packs
81 Domination of Thought (First Method)
85 Domination of Thought (Second Method)

89 Experiments with Divided Cards
89 Remember and Forget (First Method)
93 Remember and Forget (Second Method)
97 Remember and Forget (Third Method)
101 Omnipotence of the Ladies
111 Deceive Your Neighbour as Yourself
117 The Married Hearts
123 The Married Hearts, the Loving Couple
127 The Queen of Hearts
131 The Mysterious Pack of Cards
135 Everywhere and Nowhere (Second Method)
141 Everywhere and Nowhere (Third Method)

151 Experiments with Differently Prepared Cards
151 Synonymous Thoughts (Second Method)
155 The Insoluble Impromptu
159 Lost, Stolen or Strayed - a King

163 Experiments with the application of Transparent Cards
163 The Ace of Hearts

167 Experiments with Mechanical Apparatus
167 The Flying Thought
169 The Three Powers

185 Appendix
185 Card Problems