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Hoffman, Professor: Book of Mystery
©1880 D&J Allen, Printers, Belfast
              Of Mystery
Interior Page, need Cover photo
Professor Hoffman: Book of Mystery

Comments: "Being a practical guide to conjuring with cards, sleight-of-hand, etc., magic writing, secret writing, chemical magic etc., etc."
Does anyone know if this is really a Professor Hoffmann of "Modern Magic" fame? I almost wonder if this "Professor Hoffman" (with one 'n' at the end) is a look alike, as the general tone of this book is much different than the others.

Contents (from book):

3 Introduction
4 Poster: Professor Hoffman Tour in Ireland, 1880

5 Conjuring: introduction

9 Part I Tricks With Cards
10 To Make the Pass
10 To Tell a Card By Its Back
11 The Card Named Without Being Seen
11 The Card in the Egg
13 The Magical Cards
13 The Mystery of Mysteries
14 The Cabalistic Card
15 The Ten Magic Cards
16 To Name All the Cards of the Pack in Succession
17 The Cards Being Cut, to Tell Whether The Number Cut is Odd or Even
17 The Whist Trick
17 The Pairs Re-Paired
18 A Row of Cards Being Placed Face Downwards on the Table, to Indicate by Turning up One of Them How Many Have Been Transferred During Your Absense From ONe End of the Row to the Other
19 Deceptions With Cards

21 Part II Modern and Mysterious Magic, By Sleight of Hand, etc.
21 The Shower of Sweets
22 The Enchanted Fish and Bowl
23 A Capital Rope Trick
23 The Mystic Ring
25 The Japanese Fan and Butterfly
26 The Magic Bottle
27 The Vanishing Tumbler and Water
28 An Anvantageous Wager
28 The Blood Writing on the Arm
29 The Flying Mathematics
30 Magical Way of Telling the Hour Secretly Thought of by One of the Audience
30 The Great Pistol Illusion
31 The Magical Way of Telling on Which Side a Florin Falls After Being Spun
31 The Magical Transformation
32 The Vanishing Knots
33 The Invisible Secret
33 The Flying Watch
34 The Marvelous Pigeon
35 The Enchanted Rose
36 The Magic Ring and Silk Handkerchief
37 The Magic Wand
37 The Magic Wine Glass
38 The Mysterious Ring
39 The Siamese Coins
40 The Shower of Money
41 To Extinquish Three Candles and Light Three Others at Command
41 Professor Grignon and the Astonished Natives: a true story

51 Part III Miscellaneous Magic, etc.
51 Coloured Flames
52 Laughing Gas
52 The Mystery of Ventriloquism
54 The Tuning Fork a Flute Player
55 The Mystery of Secret Writing
59 A Lock for Mr. Hobbs to Pick
60 Professor Hoffman's Cypher Puzzle

61 Advertisement: Prince of Wales Hotel, Belfast, etc.