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Hoffmann, Professor: Puzzles Old and New
©1907 Frederick Warne and Co, London & NY
Hardcover, 395 pages
Puzzles Old and New
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Professor Hoffmann: Puzzles Old and New

Comments: A ton of puzzles in this book!

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

Chapter I Puzzles Dependent on Dexterity and Perseverance
I The "Pick-Me-Up" Puzzle
II The Planet Puzzle
III The i Dotting Puzzle
IV The Spider and the Flies
V The Tower Bridge Puzzle
VI In the Soup
VII The Matrimonial Chair
VIII The "Tire 'Em Out" Puzzle
IX The Electric Ball
X The "Hang Him" Puzzle
XI Bouci-Boula
XII The Switchback
XIII The Five Horse-Shoes
XIV The Two Horse-Shoes
XV The Maze
XVI The Pitfall Puzzle
XVII The Fifteen Pellets Puzzle
XVIII The Cross Puzzle
XIX The Hand of Cards
XX The Pig Puzzle
XXI The Four Colours Puzzle
XXII The Amphitheatre Puzzle
XXIII The Persian Shah
XXIV The Balance Puzzle
XXV The Fish Puzzle
XXVI The Marksman
XXVII The Snake and Bird
XXVIII The Coin and Card Puzzle
XXIX The Egg and Card Puzzle

Chapter II Mechanical Puzzles Dependent on Some Trick or Secret
I The Barrel and Ball
II The Dice Box
III The Churn
IV The Cannon and Ball
V The Cage and Ball
VI The Castle Money-Box
VII The New Castle Money-Bo
VIII The Brass Money-Box
IX The Captive Sixpence
X The Cannon and Cord
XI The Heart Puzzle
XII The Alliance (or Victoria) Puzzle
XIII The Two Balls
XIV The Ariel Puzzle
XV The Pen and Wheel
XVI The Balls and Rings
XVII The Chinese Ladder
XVIII The Staff
XIX The Imperial Scale
XX The Sceptre
XXI The Balls and Cha'n
XXII The Four Keys
XXIII The Screw Box
XXIV The Ball and Three Strings
XXV The Lighthouse
XXVI The Jubilee Puzzle Box
XXVII The Jubilee Penny
XXVIII The Invisible Gift
XXIX The Arabi Gun
XXX The Psycho Match-Box
XXXI The "Touch-me-not" Match-Box and
XXXII The Magic Drawer Match-Box
XXXIII The "Unique" Match-Box
XXXIV The Surprise Match-Box
XXXV The New Brass Puzzle Match-Box
XXXVI The Ne Plus Ultra Match-Box
XXXVII The Sphinx Match-Box
XXXVIII The Puzzle Snuff-Box
XXXIX The New Puzzle Snuff-Box
XL The Puzzle Ball
XLI The Ebony Puzzle Ball
XLII The Puzzle Purse
XLIII The Puzzle Pocket-Knife
XLIV The Automatic Knife
XLV The Double Barrel and Ring
XLVI The Wedding-King Box
XLYII The New Money-Box
XLVIII The Zulu Box
XLIX The New Persian Puzzle
L The Magic Handcuff
LT The Key and Bing Puzzle
LII The New Egg of Columbus

Chapter III Dissected or Combination Puzzles
The Dissected Puzzles of fifty years ago-The Richter Building Stones
Hints for the Readier Solution of Dissected Puzzles
The Richter Puzzles—
I The Anchor Puzzle
II The Tormentor Puzzle
III The Pythagoras Puzzle
IV The Cross Puzzle
V The Circular Puzzle
VI The Star Puzzle
VII The Zigzag Square
VIII The Extended Square
IX The Octagon Puzzle
X The Patchwork Square
XI The Two Squares
XII The Latin Cross Puzzle
XIII The Greek Cross Puzzle
XIV The Protean Puzzle
XV The Caricature Puzzle
XVI The Chequers Puzzle
XVII The "Spots" Puzzle
XYIII The Endless Chain
XIX The Hexagon
XX Eight Squares in One
XXI The Five Squares
XXII The Geometrical Square
XXIII The Dissected Square
XXIV The Twenty Triangles
XXV, The New Triangle Puzzle
XXVI The Japanese Square
XXVII The Chinese Square
XXVIII The Yankee Square
XXIX Another Cross Puzzle
XXX The Carpenter's Puzzle No 1
XXXI The Carpenter's Puzzle No 2
XXXII The Cabinet Mater's Puzzle
XXXIII The Bonbon Nut Puzzle
XXXIV The Battle Puzzle
XXXV The Cross Keys (or Three piece)
XXXVI The Nut (or Six-piece) Puzzle
XXXVII The Fairy Tea-table
XXXVIII The Mystery
XXXIX The Diabolical Cube
XL The Chinese Zigzag
XLI The Man of Many Parts

Chapter IV Aritmetical Puzzles
Elementary Properties of Numbers
I The "Forty-five" Puzzle
II A Singular Subtraction
III A Mysterious Multiplicand
IV Counting the Pigs
V Another Pig Problem
VI A Little Miscalculation
VII A Simple Magic Square
VIII The "Thirty-four" Puzzle
IX The "Sixty-five" Puzzle
X The "Twenty-six" Puzzle
XI An Unmanageable Legacy
XII Many Figures, but a Small Result
XIII Can you Name It?
XIV Squares, Product, and Difference
XV A Peculiar Number
XVI A Novel Century
XVII Another Century
XVIII Another Way to Make 100
XIX The Lucky Number
XX The Two Ages
XXI The Graces and the Muses
XXII The Graces and the Muses again
XXIII Just One Over
XXIV Scarcely Explicit
XXV Making Things Even
XXVI A Rejected Proposal
XXVII The Market-woman and her Stock
XXVIII The Captives in the Tower
XXIX Father and Son
XXX A Complicated Transaction
XXXI A Long Family
XXXII A Curious Number
XXXIII The Shepherd and his Sheep
XXXIV A Difficult Problem
XXXV Well Laid Out
XXXVI The Two Travellers
XXXVII Measuring the Garden
XXXVIII When Will They Get It?
XXXIX Passing the Gate
XL A Novel Magic Square
XLI Another Magic Square
XLII The Set of Weights
XLIII What Did He Lose?
XL IV A Difficult Division
XLV The Hundred Bottles of Wine
XLVI The Last of her Stock
XLII The Walking Match
XLVI1I A Feat of Divination
XLIX A Peculiar Number
L Another Peculiar Number
LI The Three Legacies
LII Another Mysterious Multiplicand
LIII How to Divide Twelve among Thirteen
LIV Tenth Man Out
LV Ninth Man Out
LVI The Three Travellers
LVII The Wolf, the Goat, and the Cabbages
LYIII The Three Jealous Husbands
LIX The Captain and his Company
LX The Treasure Trove
LXI The Kow of Counters
LXII A Loan and a Present
LXIII Eleven Guests in Ten Beds
LXIV A Difficult Division
LXV The Three Market-Women
LXVI The Farmer and his Three Daughters
LXVII How Many for a Penny?
LXVIII The Magic Cards
LXIX The "Fifteen" or "Boss" Puzzle
LXX The Peg-away Puzzle
LXXI The Over-polite Guests
LXXIL The "Royal Aquarium" Thirteen Puzzle
LXXIII An Easy Creditor
LXXIV The Three Arabs
LXXV An Eccentric Testator
LXXVI Another Eccentric Testator
LXXVII An Aggravating Uncle
LXXVIIL Apples and Oranges
LXXIX The Two Squares
LXXX A Curious Division
LXXXI A Curious Multiplication
LXXXII The Two Schoolmasters
LXXXIII Nothing Left
LXXXIV The Three Generations
LXXXV The Two Brothers
LXXXVI The Two Sons
LXXXVII The Two Nephews
LXXXYIII The Beversed Number
LXXXIX Another Keversed Number
XC The Shepherd and his Sheep
XCI The Shepherdess and her Sheep
XCII A Weighty Matter
XCIII The Three Topers
XCIV The False Scales
XCV An Arithmetical Policeman
XCVI The Flock of Geese
XCVII The Divided Cord
XCVIII The Divided Number
XCIX The Two Numbers
C The Horse and Trap
CI The Two Workmen
CII Another Divided Number
CIII The Three Reapers
CIV The Bag of Marbles
CV The Expunged Numerals A
CVI The Expunged Numerals B
CVII A Tradesman in a Difficulty
CVIII Profit and Loss
CIX A Curious Fraction
CX The Menagerie
CXI The Market Woman and her Eggs
CXII The Cook and his Assistants

Chapter V Word and Letter Puzzles
I A Puzzling Inscription
II An Easy One
III Pied Proverbs
IV Scattered Sentiment
V Dropped-Letter Proverbs
VI Dropped-Letter Nursery Bhymes
VII Transformations
VIII Beheaded Words
IX Anagrams
X Word Squares
XL Word Diamonds
XII A Cross of DiamondSc
XIII Knight's Tour Letter Puzzles
XIV Knight's Tour Word Puzzle
XV Hidden Proverbs
XVI The Five Arab Maxims

Chapter VI Puzzles With Counters
I With 11 Counters, to make 12 rows of 3
II With 9 Counters, to make 10 rows of 3
III With 27 Counters, to make 9 rows of 6
IV With 10 Counters, to make 5 rows of 4
V With 12 Counters, to make 6 rows of 4
VI With 19 Counters, to make 9 rows of 5
VII With 16 Counters, to make 10 rows of 4
VIII With 12 Counters, to make 7 rows of 4
IX With 9 white and 9 red Counters, to make 10 rows of 3 white and 8 rows of 3 red
X The Blind Abbot and his Monks
XI With 10 Counters, to make 8 rows of 4
XII With 13 Counters, to make 12 rows of 5
XIII The Eight-pointed Star Puzzle
XIV The "Okto" Puzzle
XV With 21 Counters, following the lines of a figure, to form 30 rows of 3
XVI The "Crowning" Puzzle
XVII The "Eight and Left" Puzzle
XVIII The "Eight and Left" (Improved)
XIX The "Four and Four" Puzzle
XX The "Five and Five" Puzzle
XXI The "Six and Six" Puzzle
XXIL The "Thirty-six" Puzzle
XXIII The "Five to Four" Puzzle
XXIV No Two in a Row
XXV The "Simple " Puzzle ,
XXVI The "English Sixteen " Puzzle
XXVII The Twenty Counters

Chapter VII Puzzles With Lucifer Matches
I Of Eleven Matches, to make Nine
II Of Nine Matches, to make Three Dozen
III Of Nine Matches, to make Three and a half-dozen
IV Of Three Matches, to make Four
V Of Three Matches, to make Six
VI The Bridge of Three Matches
VII The Bridge of Four Matches
VIII From Twenty-four Matches, forming Nine Squares, to take Eight, and leave Two Squares only
IX The Bridge of Two Matches
X From Seventeen Matches, forming Six Squares, to take Five, and leave Three Squares only
XI From Seventeen Matches, forming Six Squares, to take Six, and leave Two Squares only
XII Twelve Matches being so placed as to form Four equal Squares, to remove and replace Four so as to form Three Squares only
XIII From Fifteen Matches, forming Five Squares, to remove Three, and leave Three Squares only
XIV With Five Matches, to form Two Equilateral Triangles
XV With Six Matches, to form Four Triangles of equal size
XVI To Lift Three Matches with One
XVII To Lift Nine Matches with One
XVIII The Magnetised Matches
XIX The Fifteen Matches Puzzle

Chapter VIII Wire Puzzles
I The United Hearts
II The Triangle
III The Snake and Eing
IV The Hieroglyph
V The Five Triangles
VI The Double Bow and Ring
VII The Egyptian Mystery
VIII The Ball and Spiral
IX The Unionist Puzzle
X The Eastern Question
XI The Handcuff Puzzle
XII The Stanley Puzzle

Chapter IX Quibble or Catch Puzzles
I A Remarkable Division
II Subtraction Extraordinary
III Two Halves Greater than the Whole
IV A Distinction and a Difference
V The Family Party
VI A Sum in Subtraction
VII Another Sum in Subtraction
VIII Three times Six
IX A New Way of Writing 100
X A Seeming Impossibility
XI Multiplication Extraordinary
XII A Question in Notation
XIII The Miraculous Herrings
XIV Two Evens make an Odd
XV Six made Three
XVI A Singular Subtraction
XVII A Sum in Addition
XVIII The Flying Sixpence
XIX The Last Thing Out
XX The Three Gingerbread Nuts
XXII The Bewitched Right Hand
XXIII The Invisible Candle
XXIV The Draper's Puzzle
XXV The Portrait
XXVI Tue Charmed Circle
XXVIL The Egg and the Cannon-ball
XXVIH k Curious Window
XXIX A Queer Calculation
XXX An Arithmetical Enigma
XXXI A Short Year
XXXII The Mysterious Addition
XXXIII Arithmetical Enigma
XXXIV A New Valuation
XXXV Easy, When You Know It
XXXVI Necessity the Mother of Invention
XXXVII A Singular Subtraction
XXXVIII A Vanishing Number
XXXIX A Queer Query
XL The Mouse
XLI The Fasting Man
XLII The Family Party
XLIII A Eeversible Fraction
XLIV The Three Counters
XLV Magic Made Easy

Chapter X Miscellaneous Puzzles
I The John Bull Puzzle
II The Pig in Sty
III Hide and Seek
IV The Brahmin's Puzzle
V Cardan's Rings
VI The Knight's Tour
VII The Knotted Handkerchief
VIII Crossette
IX Single-Stroke Figuies
X The Balanced Egg (Another
XI Solitaire Problems
XII Skihi
XIII A Card Puzzle
XIV Another Card Puzzle
XV The Floating Corks
XVI The Obstinate Cork
XVII Fixing the Ring
XVIII The Treasure at Medinet
XIX The Four Wine-Glasses
XX One Peg to Fit Three Holes
XXI The Balanced Pencil
XXII To Balance an Egg on the Point of a Walking Stick
XXIII The Ashantee Horseshoe
XXIV A Feat of Dexterity
XXV The Divided Square
XXVI The "Oval" Problem
XXVI The Floating Ball
XXVIII The Cut Playing-Card
XXIX The Mitre Puzzle
XXX The Five Straws
XXXI The Three Fountains
XXXII The Two Dogs
XXXIII Water Bewitched
XXXIV The Balanced Halfpenny
XXXV The Balanced Sixpence
XXXVI Silken Fetters
XXXVII The Orchard Puzzle
XXXVIII The Cook in a Difficulty
XXXIX The Devil's Bridge
XL The Two Corks
XLI The Divided Farm
XLII The Conjurer's Medal
XLIII The Maze Medal
XLIV The Puzzle Key Ring
XLV The Singluar Shilling
XLVI The Entangled Scissors
XLVII The Penetrative Penny
XLVIlL The Packer's Secret