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Hoffmann, Professor: Miscellaneous Puzzles
©1901 Frederick Warne & Co., NY
Softcover, 130 pages

Also published by Martinka & Co, NY
Miscellaneous Puzzles
Interior Page, Cover needed
Professor Hoffmann: Miscellaneous Puzzles

Comments: "Uniform with this volume, by the same author, "Arithmetical Puzzles", "Mechanical Puzzles".
This is an extract of Puzzles Old and New, which was later split into three books, much as Modern Magic was split into four.

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

CHAPTER I Puzzles With Counters
I With 11 Counters, to make 12 rows of 3
II With 9 Counters, to make 10 rows of 3
III With 27 Counters, to make 9 rows of 6
IV With 10 Counters, to make 5 rows of 4
V With 12 Counters, to make 6 rows of 4
VI With 19 Counters, to make 9 rows of 5
VII With 16 Counters, to make 10 rows of 4
VIII With 12 Counters, to make 7 rows of 4
IX With 9 white and 9 red Counters, to make 10 rows of S white and 8 rows of 3 red
X The Blind Abbot and his Monks
XI With 10 Counters, to make 8 rows of 4
XII With 13 Counters, to make 12 rows of 5
XIII The Eight-pointed Star Puzzle
XIV The "Okto" Puzzle
XV With 21 Counters, following the lines of a given figure, to form 30 rows of 3
XVI The "Crowning" Puzzle
XVII The Puzzle
XVIII The "Right and Left" Puzzle (Improved)
XIX The "Four and Four" Puzzle
XX The "Five and Five" Puzzle
XXI The "Six and Six" Puzzle
XXII The "Thirly-six" Puzzle
XXDI The "Five to Four" Puzzle
XXIV No Two in a Row
XXV The "Simple" Puzzle
XXVI The "English Sixteen" Puzzle
XXVII The Twenty Counters

CHAPTER II Puzzles With Lucifer Matches
I Of Eleven Matches, to make Nine
II Of Nine Matches, to make Three Dozen
III Of Nine Matohes, to make Three and a half-dozen
IV Of Three Matches, to make Four
V Of Three Matches, to make Six
VI The Bridge of Three Matches
VII The Bridge of Four Matches
VIII From Twenty-Four Matches, forming Nine Squares, to take Eight, and leave Two Squares only
IX The Bridge of Two Matches
X From Seventeen Matches, forming Six Squares, to take Five, and leave Three Squares only
XI From Seventeen Matches, forming Six Squares, to take Six, and leave Two Squares only
XII Twelve Matches being so placed as to form Four equal Squares, to remove and replace Four so as to form Three Squares only
XIII From Fifteen Matches, forming Five Squares, to remove Three, and leave Three Squares only
XIV With Five Matches, to form Two Equilateral Triangles
XV With Six Matches, to form Four Triangles of equal size
XVI To Lift Three Matches with One
XVII To Lift Nine Matches with One
XVIII The Magnetised Matches
XIX The Fifteen Matches Puzzle

Chapter III Wire Puzzles
I The United Hearts
II The Triangle
III The Snake and Ring
IV The Hieroglyph
V The Five Triangles
VI The Double Bow and Ring
VII The Egyptian Mystery
VIII The Ball and Spiral
IX The Unionist Puzzle
X The Eastern Question
XI The Handcuff Pazzle
XII The Stanley Puzzle

CHAPTER IV "Quibble", or "Catch" Puzzles
I A Remarkable Division
II Sabtraotion Extraordinary
III Two Halves Greater than the Whole
IV A Distinction and a DiJJerenoe
V The Family Party
VI A Sum in Subtraction
VII Anolher Sum in BnbtraoUon
VIII Three times Six
IX A New Way of Writing 100
X A Seeming Impossibility
XI Multiplication Extraordinary
XII A Question in Notation
XIII The Miraculous Herrings
XIV Two Evens make an Odd
XV Six made Three
XVI A Singular Subtraction
XVII A Sum in Addition
XVIII The Flying Sixpence
XIX The Last Thing Ont
XX The Three Gingerbread Nuts
XXI The Mysterious Obstacle
XXII The Bewitched Right Hand
XXIII The Invisible Candle
XXIV The Draper's Puzzle
XXV The Portrait
XXVI The Charmed Circle
XXVII The Egg and the Cannon-ball
XXVIII A Curious Window
XXIX A Queer Caloalation
XXX An Arithmetical Enigma
XXXI A Short Year
XXXII The Mysterious Addition
XXXIIL Arithmetical Enigma
XXXIV A New Valuation
XXXV Easy, When You Know It
XXXVI Necessity the Mother of Invention
XXXVII A Singular Sabtraction
XXXVIII A Vanishing Number
XXXIX A Queer Query
XL The Mouse
XLI The Fasting Man
XLII The Family Party
XLIII A Reversible Fraction
XLIV The Three Counters
XLV Magic Made Easy

Chapter V Miscellaneous Puzzles
I The John Bull Puzzle
II The Pig in Sty
III Hide and Seek
IV The Brahmin's Puzzle
V Cardan's Rings
VI The Knight's Tour
VII The Knotted Handkerchief
VIII Orossette
IX Single-Stroke Figures
X The Balanced Egg (Another method)
XI Solitaire Problems
XII Skihi
XIII A Card Puzzle
XIV Another Card Puzzle
XV The Floating Corks
XVI The Obstinate Cork
XVII Fixing the Bing
XVIII The Treasure at Medinet
XIX The Four Wine-Glasses
XX One Peg to Fit Three Holes
XXI The Balanced Pencil
XXII To Balance an Egg on the Point of a Walking Stick
XXIII The Ashantee Horseshoe
XXIV A Feat of Dexterity
XXV The Divided Square
XXVI The "Oval" Problem
XXVII The Floating Ball
XXVIIL The Cut Playing-Card
XXIX The Mitre Pozzle
XXX The Five Straws
XXXI The Three Fountains
XXXII The Two Dogs
XXXIII Water Bewitched
XXXIV The Balanced Halfpenny
XXXV The Balanced Sixpence
XXXVI Silken Fetters
XXXVII The Orchard Puzzle
XXXVIII The Cook in a Difficulty
XXXIX The Devil's Bridge
XL The Two Corks
XLI The Divided Farm
XLII The Conjuror's Medal
XLID The Maze Medal
XLIV The Puzzle Key-ring
XLV The Singular Shilling
XLVI The Entangled Scissors
XLVII The Penetrative Penny
XLVIII The Packer's Secret