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Hoffmann, Professor: Magical Titbits
1911 George Routledge & Sons, New York, 1st Edition
Hardcover, 221 pages

Magical Titbits
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Comments ( After writing Later Magic, Professor Hoffmann intended to follow it with a fourth book. However, advancing age and other engagements compelled him to abandon it. Nevertheless he wrote this volume, which is not really a part of his trilogy, but functioned as a place to put the material he already collected. A few Hartz items in this book have been already dealt with in Later Magic. Otherwise the contents is new. Available as an e-Book from


vi Preface

1 Part I - Miscellaneous Tricks
1 The Rice and Water Trick
11 The Vanishing Rice
13 Tao Li Tao, The Chinese Mystery
17 Balloons from a Hat
19 To Discover and Pocket (Before Asking any Question) the Card Thought of by a Spectator
21 A New Purse Trick
23 A Silk Handkerchief Changed into a Flag
25 The Changing Handkerchief Boxes
29 The Demon Digits
32 The Acrobatic Cards
35 The Ball of Wool Trick. (Improved)
42 The New Card Frame
47 Outwitting the Conjurer
51 The Great Book Mystery
55 The Crystal Balls. (Improved Method)

67 Part II - Recollections of Hartz
67 Biographical Notice
79 A Devil of a Hat
103 The Inexhaustible Handkerchief
110 The Improved Money Column
115 The Multiplication of Money
118 The Mysterious Addition
123 The Inverted Glass of Water
127 The Multiplying Billiard Ball
131 The Dematerialized Glass of Water
145 Card, Coin, and Candle
154 The Wine and Water Trick
159 The Witches' Kettle and Magic Punchbowl
163 The Automatic Rising Cards
172 The Portfolio Trick
176 The Second-Sight Trick
181 The Pocket-Picking Trick
188 The Aerial Walking-Cane
197 The Egg and Rings Trick
202 Contrivances for "Passing Off"
206 The Hartz "Hook", for Working Mechanical Pieces of Apparatus
209 The Magic Bell
211 The Crystal Cashbox
212 Hartz's Bird-Cage Trick
215 The Mystic Glove and Rings

221 L'envoi