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Hoffmann, Professor: Conjuring Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc., Also Stage Tricks, From Modern Magic
©1893 George Routledge & Sons, London
©1893 David McKay, Philadelphia, PA
Hardcover, 118 pages
Conjuring Tricks with Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc.
David McKay Edition
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Conjuring Tricks with Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc.
George Routledge & Sons Edition
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Professor Hoffmann: Conjuring Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc.

Comments: From the introductory page, "The present issue of Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic (which has now reached its Eighth Edition, and still maintains its position as the leading authority on all branches of Conjuring) is designed to meet a frequently expressed desire for a more portable form of that work, and to enable the amateur who may be interested in any particular branch of the subject to study it with greater convenience The various Sections are as under, Price, Fifty Cents each:—
I Card Tricks
II Tricks with Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs
III Tricks with Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, etc; also Stage Tricks
IV Miscellaneous Tricks
NB — The Introductory Chapter, having a general application to the whole of the last three Sections, is, for the sake of completeness, repeated in each such Section"

Contents (from book ToC):

i Introduction

5 Chapter I Tricks with Dominoes and Dice
5 To Arrange a Row of Dominoes face downwards on the Table, and on returning to the Room to turn up a Domino whose points shall indicate how many have been moved in your absence
7 To Allow any Person in your absence to arrange the Dominoes in a Row, face downwards, and on your return to name blindfold, or without entering the Room, the end numbers of the Row
8 To Change, invisibly, the Numbers shown on either Face of a Pair of Dioe
9 To Name, without seeing them, the Points of a Pair of Dice

11 Chapter II The Cups and Balls
11 Introductory Remarks
13 Principles of Sleight-of-hand applicable to Ball Tricks
13 - To Palm the Ball
14 - To Reproduce the Palmed Ball at the End of the Fingers
15 - To Secretly Introduce the Palmed Ball under the Cup
16 - To Simulate the Action of Placing a Ball under a Cup
16 - To Produce a Ball from the Wand
17 - To Return a Ball into the Wand
17 - To Pass one Cup through Another
18 Burlesque Address to the Spectators
19 Pass I. Having Placed a Ball under each Cup, to draw it out again without Lifting the Cup
21 Pass II. To make a Ball Travel invisibly from Cup to Cup
22 Pass III. Having placed a Ball under each of the end Cups, to make them pass successively under the Middle Cup
23 Pass IV. Having placed two Balls under the Middle Cup, to make them pass under the two Outer Ones
23 Pass V. To pass three Balls in succession under One Cup
24 Pass VI. To place three Balls one after the other upon the top of one of the Cups, and to make them fall through the Cup on to the Table
25 Pass VII. To pass three Balls in succession upwards through the Table into one of the Cups
26 Pass VIII. To pass two Balls in succession from one Cup to another without touching them
26 Pass IX. To make three Balls in succession pass under the Middle Cup
27 Pass X. The "Multiplication" Pass
28 Pass XI. To Transform the Small Balls to Larger Ones
29 Pass XIL To again Transform the Balls to still Larger Ones

33 Chapter III. Ball Tricks requiring Special Apparatus
33 Farther principles of Sleight-of-hand applicable to Ball Tricks
33 - To Palm a large Ball
34 - To Vanish a Large Ball with the aid of the Table
35 The Ball Box
36 The Red-and-Black-Ball Vases
38 Morison's Pill-box
40 The Ball which changes to a Rose
41 The Obedient Ball

44 Chapter IV Hat Tricks
44 The Cannon-balls in the Hat
47 Multiplying Balls
48 The Hundred Goblets from a Hat
49 A Dozen Babies from a Hat
49 The Magic Reticules
50 The Drums from the Hat
51 The Birdcages from the Hat
52 The Cake (or Pudding) in the Hat
53 The Welsh Rabbit

57 Chapter V Stage Tricks
57 Tables to use in Stage Tricks
57 The Plain Trap
58 The Wrist or Pressure Trap
61 The Rabbit or Dove Trap
62 Changing Traps
65 The Money Trap
67 Pistons (for working mechanical apparatus)
69 Bellows Tables
72 The Rabbit Trick
74 The Fairy Star
77 The Card Bouquet
78 The Demon's Head
83 The Magic Picture Frame
85 The Flying Watches and the Broken Plate
87 The Magic Picture and the Chosen Cards
88 The Magic Portfolio
89 The Glove Column
90 The Vanishing Pocket-handkerchief, found In a Candle
91 The Sphinx
95 The Cabinet of Proteus
97 The Indian Basket Trick
100 Electrical Tricks
102 - The Light and Heavy Chest
105 - Spirit-Rapping
106 - The Magic Bell
107 - The Crystal Cash Box
112 - The Magic Drum
115 The Aerial Suspension