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Hoffmann, Professor: Card Tricks Without Apparatus
 ©1892 Frederick Warne & Co, London & NY
Hardcover, 104 pages plus advertisements

Editions also printed in 1900 and 1921
Card Tricks Without Apparatus
Image courtesy Little Stour Books
Professor Hoffmann: Card Tricks Without Apparatus

Comments: Published at the same time, was Hoffmann's "Card Tricks With Apparatus"


1 Chapter 1 Introductory

4 Chapter II Principles Of Sleight Of Hand Applicable To Card Conjuring
4 To Make The Pass With Both Hands
6 Single-Handed Passes, No 1
7 Single-Handed Passes, No 2
9 Single-Handed Passes, No 3
11 To Force A Card
12 To Force N Person To Think Of A Particular Card
13 - Another Method
14 "Forcing" Packs
15 To Force Three Cards Together
16 To Palm A Card
17 To Palm The Bottom Card Of The Pack
17 To Palm The Top Card With One Hand Only
18 To Get Sight Of A Card
19 To "Change" A Card - Various Methods
21 "Second" Dealing
23 Hellis’ Change (No 1) To Change A Given Card Without The Aid Of The Pack
24 Hellis' Change (No 2) To Change Several Cards At Once
25 To "Slip" A Card
26 False Shuffles - Various Methods
30 The Bridge
31 The Ruffle
32 The Click
32 To Throw A Card
33 To Spring The Cards From Hand To Hand
34 To "Change" One Pack For Another
35 Pochettes And Profondes
36 Conjurers’ Tables — The Servante
36 The Use Of The Magic Wand

38 Chapter III Special Cards, And Tricks Therewith
38 Long Or Wide Cards
38 Longs And Shorts
39 Biseaute or Tapering Cards
41 Tricks With Long Cards
43 Tricks With Biseaute Cards
45 The Pocket-Picking Trick
45 "Corner" Cards
46 Changing Cards
47 The "Walking Pip" Card
48 Another Form Of Changing Card, And Tricks Therewith

52 Chapter IV Marked Cards, And Tricks Therewith
52 To Distinguish The Suit Of Each Card
53 Various Systems Of Card-Marking
55 The Charlier System
58 "Reading" The Cards
60 The Charlier "Dial," And Method Of Using

68 Chapter V Tricks Dependent Upon Sleight Of Hand
68 Advice To The Neophyte
69 The Conjurer’s "Patter"
72 The Obedient Aces
76 Conus’ Ace Trick
79 The Shower Of Aces
80 To Turn Over The Pack
80 Bertram’S Ace Trick
82 Clairvoyance By Touch
85 To Pass A Card Through A Hat
86 The Ladies’ Looking-Glass
89 Everybody’s Card
91 Cards Judged By Weight, And The Multiplication Of Cards
94 "Stop!" Three Cards Having Been Drawn By Three Different Persons, To Make Them Appear At Such Numbers In The Pack As The Drawers May Choose
96 The Cards Having Been Freely Shuffled, And Cut Into Three Or Four Heaps, To Name The Top Card Of Each Heap
97 Thought Anticipated
98 A Person Having Secretly Thought Of A Card, And The Pack Having Been Divided Into Three Heaps, To Declare In Which Of Such Heaps The Card Thought Of Will Be Found
99 To Invite A Person Secretly To Think Of A Card, And Before Such Card Is Named, To Plok It Out Of The Pack
101 A Card Having Been Thought Of By One Person, To Offer The Pack To Another, And Cause Him To Draw That Same Card
103 Thought Doubly Anticipated - To Place A Card Thought Of By One Person At Such Position In The Pack As Another Person Shall Mentally Select

105 Advertisements: for Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd publications