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Hitchcock, Scott: The New Same Old Lecture Notes
©2005 Unexpected Magic
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 25 pages
The New Same Old
              Lecture Notes
Image from Magicref

Comments: Written and Illustrated by Scott Hitchcock, edited by Paul Draper


1 Introduction
2 The Bermuda Pen: pen appears from the "empty" hands
4 The Boomerang Notebook: a stunt
6 Signed Card to Wallet: with an ungimmicked wallet
8 Drawrof and Drawkcab: clever approach for the Invisible Deck
10 Reaction: selected card value appears on your forehead
12 Transylvania Roulette: one spectator turns out to be the vampire
15 Hitchcock Coin Vanish: utility move
16 The Soapbox Vanish: coin vanish to the pocket
17 The Bright Card: signed blue back card becomes red
18 - The Inertia Change
20 Telemarketers: idea for magicians to turn them around
21 Who Says Labeling Is Bad?: labeling your music disks for performance
22 Random Thoughts: a few thoughts
23 Creating a Magic Notebook