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Hines, George C.: Modern Mysteries
©1915 Modern Mysteries Co., MINN
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.25x7.25", 12 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: Short descriptions, with steps such as "You can then disappear your other flag in any way you desire..."


3 A Word by the Author
5 Table Levitation: magician can move table by placing hands on top
5 Dyeing Handkerchiefs: using a hand-made dye tube
6 Handkerchief Wand: making your own handkerchief wand for a silk vanish
7 Flag Between Handkerchiefs: Vanished flag is found tied between two silks
8 Rising Cards Stage Method: three called out cards are burnt and then rise from the deck
9 Rising Cards Parlor Method: using a short-corner deck
9 Floating Ball: a sort of Zombie for stage
10 Floating Ball No. 2: another hook-up
11 Flag Vase: silks are pulled out of a vase full of water
12 Notes: additional tips for each effect