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Himber, Richard (Ed Levy, Editor): Richard Himber The Man and His Magic
©1980 Magico Magazine, NY
Hardcover, 8x11", 128 pages
Richard Himber The Man and His Magic
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Ii Publisher's Word

5 Chapter I Himber Remembered (Bobby Bernard)
7 Richard Himber (Ed Mishell)
8 Letter to a Fallen Star
9 Obituary
10 Letter to Himber (Senator Crandall)
11 A Himber Greeting Card

13 Chapter II The Secrets of Himber's Retail Magic
13 The Trick that Fooled Harry Lorayne
14 The Coin in the Canada Dry Bottle
15 Three Coins and the Fountain Pen
18 Hong-Kong Koins
19 Money Isn't Everything
22 Chasha Blanca
23 Sleight of Foot
24 Two for the Money
26 Magicians Assistant
29 Stabbed in the Pack
31 Slately Sensational
34 Time Capsule, Ducatillon Mental Watch
37 Ducatillion-Stoll Type Watch
38 Monu-Mental
40 Fund-o-Mental
43 Pencil-Tration, Repeat Penciltration
46 Staggering
50 Towering, Latest Effect
54 Ring-A-Ding
56 Repeat Ring on Stick
59 Triple Winner
64 Himber's Best
66 Topper
66 Big Trick
69 Silver Pitch Pipe
71 Bill-Fooled
75 Improved Billfooled, Poloroid Money
77 Trick-A-Rette Case
77 Barrel of Monkeys, your choice
77 Thunderbolt
81 History of Clearatex Bottles
82 Canada Dry Miracle
83 Double Pepsi, Pepsi Vanish
83 Crash Pepsi, Cearatex Bottles
87 Pepsi Return

89 Chapter III The Secrets of Himber's Magic
89 A Himber Contest
90 Impromptu Tie Cut
92 Touch and Go
93 Four Tricks in Search of a Character
95 Secret of Schraffts
97 One for the Money
98 Versatile Coin Move, as a Switch, an Interesting Variation, Vanish in Handkerchief, (from the forthcoming book, The Card and Coin Magic of Bobby Bernard)
101 Spike Through Balloon
102 Improvement
103 Magician's Table
105 Himber Again

107 Chapter IV Himber's Book, Magazine Tests, and Mental Effects
107 Test Tear-Riffic
109 Coronet Trick
110 Sensational Telephone Trick
111 Invisible Gimmick
112 Himber's $1000 Challenge
117 Paragraph Prediction
119 Himber's Mental Masterpiece
123 Himber's Fabulous Gimmick
126 For Professionals Only