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Hilliard, John Northern: Card Magic - A Practical Treatise on Modern Card Conjuring
©1945 1st Edition, Carl Waring Jones, Minneapolis
Hardcover, w/dj, 586 pages
Hilliard's Card
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CosanostraMagic

Comments: 520 Illustrations. This was printed after Greater Magic and included all of the card work from that publication.

Contents (from book ToC, Chapters Only, updated July 2017):

v Portrait of John Hilliard
viii Review of Chapters

1 Chapter I - The Master of the Playing Cards
7 Chapter II - Card Fans and Locations
31 Chapter III - Location by Sleights
45 Chapter IV - Location by Marked Cards
61 Chapter V - Marked Cards
77 Chapter VI - Key or Locator Cards
85 Chapter VII - Subtleties and Arrangements
105 Chapter VIII - The Slick Ace
117 Chapter IX - Old Wine in New Bottles
163 Chapter X - Shuffle, Force, Cut and Pass
223 Chapter XI - Impromptu Card Tricks
243 Chapter XII - Sleight of Hand Card Tricks
309 Chapter XIII - The Spelling Bee
325 Chapter XIV - Clairvoyance with Cards
349 Chapter XV - The Four Aces
369 Chapter XVI - The Rising Cards
429 Chapter XVII - Prepared Cards
517 Chapter XVIII - The Tuned Deck
537 Chapter XIX - Card Stars of the U.S.A.

581 Index