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Hickok, Chuck: Mentalism Incorporated, Volume Two
Further Thoughts on Performing Mentalism for Corporate Audiences
©2005 Chuck Hickock, Developmental Production Press, MN
Hardcover, 185 pages
Mentalism Incorporated, Volume Two
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Chick Hickock: Mentalism Incorporated, Volume 2

Comments: Edited by Stephen Brehe and Doug Dyment From the flap, "The purpose of this book is to help the reader become a better, more entertaining mentalist Volume Two combines proven suggestions for performing mentalism along with easy to learn routines"

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Foreword
3 Introduction
7 An Update for Owners of Mentalism, Incorporated

9 Part One: Forces for the Serious Mentalist
11 Guidelines for Using Forces as a Mentalist
25 25 Forces for the Serious Mentalist
35 Application Idea #1: My Favorite Approach to Equivoque
41 Application Idea #2: AAA Book Test
45 Application Idea #3: Newspaper Switch Helper

51 Part Two: Essays for the Serious Mentalist
53 “It’s Not the Bike ”
57 Essay #1: My Approach to Mentalism
60 Essay #2: A Clever Out
62 Essay #3: Believability and Mentalism
65 Essay #4: Creating Entertaining Mentalism Demonstrations
69 Essay #5: Thoughts on Multiple Moments of Amazement
72 Essay #6:1 Don’t Do Book Tests
77 Essay #7: Should Mentalists Present Prediction Routines?
81 Essay #8: Exposure and Success as a Mentalist
84 Essay #9: The Visual Aspect of Mentalism
88 Essay #10: The Verbal Aspect of Mentalism
92 Essay #11: Thoughts on Branching Anagrams
97 Essay #12: Performing Mentalism is a Risky Business!
103 Essay #13: Creating Suspense
107 Essay #14: What Does It Take To Be a More Successful Mentalist?
111 Planning Worksheet For Mentalists

113 Part Three: Routines for the Serious Mentalist
115 Routine One: Testing Your Intuition
129 Routine Two: Fore-Closer
151 Routine Three: Postcard Memory Demonstration

171 A Final Thought

173 Appendix
173 Questions for the Serious Mentalist
179 Resources Mentioned in This Book
181 Tools for the Serious Mentalist