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Hickok Chuck: Mentalism Incorporated
Hickok, Chuck: Mentalism, Incorporated
©2002 Chuck Hickok, Developmental Production Press
Hardcover, w/dj, 184 pages
Hickok: Mentalism, Incorporated
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Comments: A guide to performing mentalism for corporate audiences.

Contents  (from book):

1 Foreword (Barrie Richardson)
5 Introduction

7 Chapter One, My Journey Toward Performing
11 Chapter Two, Entertaining and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences
20 Chapter Three, Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences
23 - Guideline One, A Unifying Theme
24 - Guideline Two, Believability
27 - Guideline Three, Exclusivity
28 - Guideline Four Increasing Impossibility
31 - Guideline Five, Multiple Moments of Amazement
34 - Guideline Six, Innocent or Natural Props
37 - Guideline Seven, Maximum Impact
40 - Guideline Eight, a Likeable Persona
45 Chapter Four, Three Kinds of Pre-Show Work
45 - Confirmation Letter
45 - Gathering Pre-Show Information
48 - Arranging Performing Area
51 Chapter Five, My Opener - Einstein's Demise: rapid mathematics using a Magic Square
65 Chapter Six, Demonstration Two - Triple Influence: performer influences the selection by three spectators of candy, postcards, and a line of newspaper text
81 Chapter Seven, Demonstration Three - People Reading Plus: performer determines which spectator drew each picture
87 Chapter Eight, Demonstration Four - Books Galore: performer determines words selected by several spectators from different books
107 Chapter Nine, Demonstration Five - Anything Can Be Learned: spectator can read minds
119 Chapter Ten, My Closer - Final Forecast: at the end of the show, an envelope is opened with predictions of several choices made during the show
128 Hickock's Way-Ahead Envelope: how to construct and use
135 Chapter Eleven, My Disclaimer
139 Chapter Twelve, Three Bonus Demonstrations
140 Bonus Demonstration One - Learning the Almost Impossible: spectators learn to say the alphabet backwards
145 Bonus Demonstration Two - State of Mind: Spectator names state mentally transmitted by performer, and that card has her name on it
159 Bonus Demonstration Three - Mega-Memory Miracle: memory demonstration
169 Hickock's Memory System - 32 Symbol Cards from Mark Strivings
170 Mega-Memory Kicker: an add-on for the above

175 Appendix
176 Item 1 - Confirmation Letter: sample
177 Item 2 - Presentation Requirements: what the venue should supply
178 Item 3 - Introduction: what the M.C. should say
179 Item 4 - Checklist: of materials for the 6 demonstrations
180 Item 5 - Einstein's Demise Handout
181 Item 6 - Learning the Almost Impossible Handout
182 Item 7 - Certificate: a handout
183 Item 8 - Books and Supplies