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Heverly The Great: The Novelty Act De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks
©1927 F.G. Thayer
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11"
Novelty Act De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks
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Heverly: The Novelty Act De-Luxe With Watches and Clocks


Contents (from LearnedPig eBook version, numbers are not page numbers):

1 A Novel Watch Manipulation Act
2 Heverly's Master Watch-Stand and Cuckoo Clocks
3 Heverly's Stack o' Clocks Production
4 Heverly's Improved Frame and Mantel Clock Production
5 Heverly's Sucker Clock Box and Chimney Vanish
6 Heverly's Original Version of Appearing Watch and Watch to Alarm Clock
7 Clock Through Hat Effect
8 The Heverly Automatic Ringing Devices and Special Table Tops
9 Heverly's Metamorphic Clocks
10 Heverly's Monster Ringing Alarm Clock Production
11 Heverly's Flying Mantel Clocks & Trays
12 Heverly's Giant Clock Transposition
13 Another Vanishing and Reappearing Clock Effect
14 Broadcasting a Clock
15 Heverly's Vanish of Six Alarm Clock with Stand from Foulard
16 Heverly's Lightning Appearance of Six Ringing Alarm Clocks on Ribbons
17 Heverly's Enlarging Clock
18 Heverly's "Time 'o Life" Illusion or "Just in Time"