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Heuser, Jim (ed) & Paul Diamond: Another Lecture by Paul Diamond
©No Date, Paul Diamond & Jim Heuser
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8" 58 pages
Another Lecture
              by Paul Diamond
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: Diagrammed notes. Most are fully described.


1 A Diamond is a Magician's Best Friend ("Gentleman Jim" Heuser): intro
3 Scaling the Business Card Heights: making a card scaling device
6 Hank Balls: how to use to produce multiple silks
10 The Vanishing Cane to Silk Fold: how to fold a silk properly for your vanishing cane
11 Torches to Cane: idea for an opener
12 Tips on Cane Maintenance
13 Message Silk Ideas and Tips
15 Additional Tips on Birthday and Trade Shows
15 A Bare Hand Production of a Message Silk: fast production
18 Tips with Appearing Canes
19 Perch Point: Dove on tip of sword
22 Fire Dove Production Routine (Heuser & Diamond): tissue is set on fire and turns into a dove
26 Ring Three Times and They're Out: three rings are removed from a tube secured by a rope
30 Three Bill Monte: the "odd" bill keeps changing places
33 Money Miracle (Ed Sparrow): a stage bill effet
36 Dancing Cane Tips
36 Tips With Thread
38 Reel---ly? I Didn't Know That!: Introduction to a section on Paul's Thread Reel
39 - Construction of the Reel
42 - The Basic Position: handling
43 - Preparation of the Rope: attaching a snap fastener
45 - Knot In Rope: knot appears in a rope with a slight shake
50 - Throwing a Ring on the Rope: a bracelet sized ring "jumps" onto the rope
52 - The Biggy: ring becomes knotted on the rope
53 - Knot Out of Rope: knot dissolves with a shake of the rope
54 - A Ring Rises and Penetrates a Rope: a plastic ring rises on a rope on its own
56 Color Changing Thimble: a quickie
57 Stiff Rope: a flexible rope becomes stiff