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Herrmann, Alexander: Herrmann's Wizard Manual
©1900 Stein Pub, Chicago, IL
Softcover, perfect-bound, 65 pages

©1916 Shrewesbury Pub, Chicago, IL
New and Revised Version
Softcover, perfect-bound, 150 pages plus ads
Book of Magic Wizard's Manual
1900 Edition
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Herrmann's Wizard
1916 Edition
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Herrmann's Wizards
1905 Edition
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Comments: "Secrets of Magic - Black Art - Mind Reading and Ventriloquism as performed by all the celebrated professors of the world."
It appears that this book originally came out in 1900 and was 65 pages. The 1916 edition available from has 150 pages and states, "New and Revised Version". I'm not sure which sections have been added from the original.


5 First Words on Magic
8 The Magician's Wand
9 The Magician's Table
11 The Magician's Dress
12 The Vanishing Gloves

14 Coin Tricks
15 The Pass
17 To Secretly Change a Coin
19 The Half Dollar Wand: coin appears at end of wand
21 The Shower of Money: Miser's dream
23 The Tray of Proteus: tray adds or removes coins
24 To Make a Person Find Himself Richer Than He Thought He Was
25 To Fill With Coins a Tumbler Which is Upon the Stage, the Coins Being Collected in the Audience
27 New Coin Catching: another approach for Miser's Dream
28 To Produce Coins from a Lighted Candle
29 The Animated Coin Which Answers Questions
31 To Make a Coin Pass Up Your Sleeve
31 To Make a Coin Pass Up the Right Arm Coat sleeve, Round the Back, Down the Left Arm, and Into the Hand
31 A Lost Coin to Drop From the Ceiling Into a Tumbler
32 The Floating Coin
32 To Rub One Coin into Three
33 The Davenport Cabinet: to vanish coins and small objects
35 The Nest of Boxes
36 The Ball of Berlin Wool: coin winds up in center
37 The Rattle Box, to Make a Coin Vanish From the Box Though Still Heard to Rattle Within It
39 The Demon Handkerchief: vanisher
39 Odd or Even, or the Mysterious Addition
40 A Coin Being Spun Upon the Table, to Tell Blindfold Whether it Falls Head or Tail Upwards
41 The Magic Quarter: quarter vanishes in a box to be found elsewhere
42 The Disappearing Dime: with a pull

43 Card Tricks
43 To Make the Pass
46 To Force a Card
47 To "Slip" a Card
48 To "Change" a Card
49 To Spring the Cards fro One Hand to the Other
50 To Throw a Card
51 New Thought Card Sleight
52 To Distinguish the Suit of Any Given Card by Weight
53 To Make All the Cards, Except a Chosen One, Fall to the Floor
53 To Catch Two Cards Thought of in the Air with the Hand
54 To Tell the Cards Thought of by Four Persons
54 Sixteen Cards Being Placed Upon a Table, to Guess the One Thought of
55 To Tell Which Pair of Cards was Selected
56 Twenty-Five Cards Being Placed Upon the Table, to Mention Which Has Been Thought of
58 The Four Kings Being Separated, to Bring Them Together by a Single Cut
58 A Card Having Been Drawn From and Returned to the Pack, to Find it Under a Handkerchief
59 To Tell Whether Any Card in the Pack is Red or Black Without Looking At It
60 To Make Two Cards Change Places Whilst Held in Separate Hands
61 To Make Two Cards Change Places at the Word of Command
62 The Triple Deal
62 The Card Found at the Second Guess
62 The Card Found Under the Hat
63 The Revolution
63 The Nailed Card
63 To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack and Run on the Table
64 The Trick of Thirty-One
64 The Changing Ladle: device to secretly obtain possession of a chosen card or writing

68 Miscellaneous Tricks
68 To Tell the Numbers on a Pair of Dice
68 To Change the Numbers on Dice
69 Houdin's Nut Trick: when a handkerchief is lifted over a plate, a stream of almonds and nuts pour onto the plate
70 The Magic Bran Glass: bran changes to sweets
70 The Oriental Ball Trick
71 Missing Page
72 Missing Page
73 The Bran Plate: dove production
74 The Vanishing Tumbler of Water
76 To Knock a Tumbler Through a Table
77 To Place Water in a Drinking Glass Upside Down
78 To Bring Colored Ribbons From Your Mouth
78 An Egg Put Into a Phial: science magic
79 To Keep the Hand Dry in Water: chemical magic
79 Sympathetic Inks: chemical magic
80 To Make a Ring Pass Through a Table
81 To Pass a Ring Through a Pocket-Handkerchief
82 To Pass a Borrowed Ring into an Egg
83 To Produce a Cannon Ball from a Hat
84 To Hatch Chickens in a Hat
85 To Restore a Crushed Hat
86 To Tie a Person in a Sack, From Which He Gets Out Without Cutting it or Breaking the Seal Which Secures the String
87 To Produce Bowls of Water and Goldfish From Beneath a Cloth, and to Make them Disappear Again
89 The Tube and Ball: a ball vanishes and is found in a previously empty tube
90 The Smashed Watch Restored
91 The Butterfly Trick: tissue paper on a fan flies like butterflies
92 The Mystic Afghan Bands
94 The Inexhaustible Bottle
95 The Chinese Rings: a linking ring routine for 8 rings
102 The Thinkophone: living or dead test
103 Reading Blindfolded
104 The Spirit Handkerchief: handkerchief jumps around unaided
105 The Bewitched Skull: answers questions
108 The Disappearing Lady: stage illusion
109 The Mystery of the Floating Head: stage illusion
111 The Cabinet of Proteus: stage illusion
112 The Mystic Flight: stage illusion

117 Black Art

129 How To be a Spirit Medium
130 Of Temperature
130 Of the Positions to be Observed
132 Of Impressions

135 Mind Reading
135 How to Find a Hidden Pin: using cues from the spectator
137 Picking Out Certain Notes on a Piano
137 Write a Name Thought Of

139 Ventriloquism And How to Acquire the Art (Prof. Callahan)
140 Attracting Attention to the Point From Which the Voice is to Come
141 Developing the Distant Voice
143 Altering the Natural Tones of the Voice
144 Position of the Lips and Teeth
144 Character Dolls
145 Sounds: A Bee, A Mosquito, A Fly
147 Concluding Remarks
148 Callahan And the Skeleton: act
149 Callahan The Ventriloquist: act
151 Entertainment Books for Young Folks: Catalog of Carleton B. Case books