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Herrmann, Alexander: Herrmann's Book of Magic, Black Art Exposed
©1903 Frederick J. Drake & Co., IL
Hardcover, 164 pages
Book of Magic Black Art Exposed
1903 Edition
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Book of Magic Black Art Exposed
1904 Edition
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Alexander Herrmann: Herrmann's Book of Magic, Black Art Full Exposed


Contents (note: the book provides an Index listing, below is a proper contents order):

11 Chapter I
11 Introduction
13 The Dress
14 The Table
15 The Servante
17 The Wand

18 Chapter II Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Small Objects
18 Palming
20 Le Tourniquet
21 The Finger Palm
22 The Reverse Palm
24 To Change a Coin

25 Chapter III Tricks With Coins
25 Magical Production of a Coin
25 Wandering Coin
26 A New Coin Fold
27 Coin and Candle
27 An Artful Conjurer
28 The Invisible Flight
29 Vanish for Duplicate
29 To Pass a Coin Through the Body
30 Swallowing Illusions
30 Coin and Lemons
32 The Pocket Vanish
32 Quarter vs Dime
33 To Pass a Coin Into an Ordinary Matchbox Held by One of the Spectators
33 Coin, Wine Glass and Paper Cone
34 Coins, Hat and Plate
35 To Vanish a Marked Coin from a Tumbler and Cause it to Appear in a Small Box, Wrapped in Paper in the Center of a Large Ball of Wool
37 To Vanish a Number of Coins from a Plate in a Sheet of Flames
37 Programme and Coin

41 Chapter IV Tricks With Handkerchiefs
41 Peregrinations of a Handkerchief
41 Handkerchief and Candle
42 To Vanish a Handkerchief and Product it From Your Collar
43 To Pass a Handkerchief Into the Pocket of a Spectator
43 To Fire a Handkerchief Into a Gentleman’s Hair
45 The Handkerchief Cabinet
47 The Handkerchief Vanisher
47 Magic Production of Handkerchiefs
50 Color Changing Handkerchiefs
54 Mechanical Pull for Vanishing a Handkerchief
56 The Flying Handkerchief
57 Brass Tube to Produce, Vanish, or Change a Handkerchief

60 Chapter V Tricks With Balls
60 Creation Manipulation, Multiplication and Annihilation of Billiard Balls
66 Billiard Balls and Basins
67 Color-Changing Billiard Balls
68 The Diminishing Billiard Balls
70 The Handkerchief Ball
71 The Dissolving Billiard Ball
71 Fancy Sleight With a Small Ball
72 Rouge et Noir
73 Ball, Handkerchief and Tumbler

76 Chapter VI Hat Tricks
80 Loading
81 The Magnetized Hat
85 To Produce a Number of Eggs From a Hat Held Crown Upwards
86 The Hat Incubator

88 Chapter VII Anti-Spirtualistic Tricks
88 The Climbing Ring
88 The Mysterious Name
89 Spirit Calculator
90 A New Postal Trick
91 New Slate Tricks
93 The Spirit Handkerchief
94 The Mysterious Communication
95 The Great Dictionary Trick - New Method
97 Long-Distance Second Sight

100 Chapter VIII Miscellaneous Tricks
100 Flash Paper
101 A New Fire Flash
101 Conjurer's Ammunition
102 Smoke from Two Empty Pipes
103 A New Fire-Eating Trick
103 Exploding Soap-Bubbles
103 Walnut Shells and Pea
104 The Garter Trick
106 The Tube and Ball
108 The Ubiquitous Thimble
110 The Multiplying Wand
111 The Restored Cut
112 The Mysterious Tambourine
114 The Bran and Dove Plates
115 The Wandering Beer
117 The Crystal Water Mystery
119 The Wizard's Breakfast
122 The Hydrostatic Tube
124 The Hydrostatic Tumbler
126 Watch, Glass and Handkerchief
128 Paper Cone, Watch, Rabbit and Boxes

131 Chapter IX The Black Art, Fully Exposed and Laid Bare
131 To Determine the Article Selected by the Company, the Performer Being Absent From the Room a the Time of Selection
132 To Knot a Tumbler Through a Table
133 To Drive One Tumbler Through Another
133 The Dancing Skeleton
134 The Head of the Decapitated Speaking
135 The Mystery of the Floating Head
137 To Place a Lighted Candle Under Water, Without Extinguishing It, Or a Handkerchief Without Wetting It
138 To Place Water in a Drinking Class Upside Down
139 The Faded Rose Restored
139 The Protean Liquid
139 The Burned Handkerchief Restored
140 Eatable Candle Ends
141 To Make a Watch Stop or Go At The Word of Command
141 How to Cut Your Arm Off Without Hurt or Danger
142 To Pour Cold Water Into a Kettle and Make It Come Out Hot Without the Aid of Fire
143 How to Cut a Man's Head Off, and Put it Into a Platter, a Yard From His Body
144 To Turn Water Into Wine
144 Magic Breath
145 To Make a Party Appear Ghastly
145 How to Eat Fire
145 To Dip the Hand in Water Without Wetting It
146 How to Shoot a Bird and Bring it to Life Again
146 Hideous Metamorphosis
146 How to Fill a Glass With Beer and Water at the SAme Time, Without Mixing The Two Liquids
147 How to Kill a Fowl and Bring it to Life Again
147 To Light a Candle by a Glass of Water
147 To Light a Candle Smoke
148 To Freeze Water by Shaking It
148 Iron Changed into Silver
148 Two Cold Liquids When Mixed Become Boiling Hot
148 The Incombustible Handkerchief
148 Two Cold Liquids Produce Fire
149 To Give a Person a Supernatural Appearance
149 The Floating Needle
149 Luminous Writing
149 Beautiful Transformations
150 To Break a Stone With a Blow of the Fist
150 Magical Teaspoons
151 To Bring Two Separate Coins into One Hand
151 To Cut and Tear Into Pieces a Handkerchief, and to Make it Whole Again
152 How to Fire a Loaded Pistol at the Hand, Without Hurting It
153 A Vessel That Will Let Water Out at the Bottom, as Soon as the Mouth Is Uncorked
153 The Conjurer's Banquet
156 To Melt Iron in a Moement, and Make it Run Into Drops
156 To Change a Bowl of Ink into Clear Water, With Gold Fish in It
158 How to Swallow a Number of Needles and Yards of Thread
158 How to Make a Bird Seem as Dead
159 To Make the Appearance of a Flash of Lightning When Anyone Enters a Room Wth a Lighted Candle
159 To Break a Stick Placed on Two Glasses Without Breaking the Glasses
159 To Set a Combustible Body on Fire by the Contact of Water
160 To Eat a Dish of Paper Shavings, and Draw Them Out of Your Mouth Like an Atlantic Cable
161 To Produce from a Silk Handkerchief Bonbons, Candies, Nuts, etc.
162 To Keep a Stone in Perpetual Motion
162 To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack and Run on the Table
163 How to Tell a Person any Card He Thinks of, and to Convey it Into a Nut
163 To Make a Cone or Pyramid Move Upon a Table Without Springs or Any Other Artificial Means
163 How to Make an Egg, Apparently of Itself, Leave the Center of the Room and Traverse to a Saucer of Water Placed in the Corner
164 To Eat Cotton Wool and Blow Fire and Sparks Out of Your Mouth